Retail Barcode Labels

Retail Barcode Labels

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Create and print barcode labels for your products

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Assign barcodes to products

Automatically generate Code-128 barcodes for any or all of your products.

Create custom barcode labels

Create custom barcode labels with prices, SKUs, variants, and much more.

Print labels

Print barcode labels for individual products or in bulk with the Dymo Label Printer or your laser and inkjet printer with Avery Label sheets

Om Retail Barcode Labels

Retail Barcode Labels allows you to easily generate and print barcode labels for your products. The app allows you to create label templates to suit your different products and applications. Create templates and print labels on popular paper types from both Avery and Dymo's ranges, including label sheets.

Don't have a Dymo label printer? No problem. Retail Barcode Labels supports any printer currently installed on your computer or network, including secure air-printing from mobile devices.

Print labels in bulk with ease and improve your stock management and checkout workflows.





2.4 af 5 stjerner

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Does not work as shown. Price doesn't show ! Can not fix it! Only Dymo - 30299 Price Tag type that allow display the price!

This app makes it really easy to assign barcodes to the jewelry that doesn't already have them and then print the barcodes on either labels or regular paper. **Just be sure to click the correct option if you're creating ones that are missing instead of reassigning all barcodes!** I love being able to then scan the barcodes in the Shopify POS app! Thank you!!


Our Product names are sometimes too long to fit on one line on the barcode sticker. It would be great if there was an option to have the product name go on two lines on the sticker?

Udviklerens svar

9. september 2020

Hi, there! While this isn't possible within the Retail Barcode Labels app itself, you can resolve this issue via the Dymo software that is downloaded when you install the printer.

I'd recommend shortening your product titles, however if this isn't an option then you can actually use the Dymo labels online interface to shrink the title so that it fits on the label. It will look something like this:

If you need anymore assistance with that, feel free to contact our support any time: Cheers! - Brie, Shopify Support