The ultimate all in one CRM system

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Email and SMS Marketing

Solution to manage your personalized emails and SMS marketing by segments and implement triggers

All data in “one window”

Manage your customers combining offline and online in the same customer database. Organize your orders in one place

Channels of communication

Solution to manage communication with your clients in Email, Livechat, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and WhatsApp in a single window 정보

Take your e-commerce to the next level with, a 360º tool that allows you not only to integrate your online store with Shopify, but to also have a complete vision of your business and full control over it regardless of its size.

Stop losing leads

Chat with your clients regardless of the messenger they might be using, fill forms, offer new products and add them to their cart in a single window! And use welcome chains to warm up your leads and encourage them to make their first purchase

Make those sales happen

Use our “upselling” script to raise the average ticket value of your orders automatically, and the “abandoned basket” script to increase the number of paid orders by reminding those customers with unfulfilled purchases to come back and finish them!

Manage the order fulfillment process

Our CRM-system allows you to manage incoming orders, distribute them among employees, manage their statuses and fulfill them Notifications about the status of the order automatically inform the customer about every step of their order An integration between and your warehouse so you have immediate availability of your stock, prices and location of goods

Increase loyalty among consumers’s client profile combines data of your customers from different sources and gives you a 360° vision of who they are. This helps you to segmentate and divide your customer base into small groups to make your contact and ads more efficient. If needed, the script "Frequently used goods" works as an automatic reminder for your clients to buy products they use on a regular basis before they run out of them!

Make your customers come back

There’s nothing better than a reactivation campaign to make those “cold” customers come back to your store! You can also use our “Abandoned viewing” tool to remind those clients who left your online store without buying anything to come back and make a purchase!

Improve the effectiveness of all your marketing channels: increases the effectiveness of tools and channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, emails, Facebook messenger and SMS’s

Application Features makes an automatic webhook registration, allows you to fully export your catalog from Shopify to and to export and create an XML Generation catalog. It also allows to automatically synchronize your customer base, orders and any changes in them with

Our CRM integrates with:

  • E-commerce platforms
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram

Are you ready to join our 10 000+ customers in Europe and Latin America and scale your operations, increase productivity, improve your efficiency, get more clients and save time and money?


  • Google Analytics,
  • e-commerce platforms,
  • social media,
  • Facebook Messenger,
  • WhatsApp,
  • Instagram

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Gummy bear store

Nos ayudaron a instalarla. Me gusto que pudiera usar whatsapp y los mensajes de instagram al mismo tiempo… otra cosa es que tambien puedo ver como hablan mis empleados con los clientes porque somos de un rubro donde si o si hay que tratar al cliente bien… entonces monitorear eso me ha ayudado un monton con los entrenamientos y evaluaciones. Lo otro es que tampoco hay que estar escribiendo todo a mano y eso nos ha ahorrado un monton de problemas que antes teniamos, sobretodo con las entregas cuando los chicos se equivocaban de pedido

개발자 회신

2020년 10월 1일

¡Muchas gracias por tu reseña! Hacemos todo lo posible para que nuestros clientes tengan una agradable experiencia usando la app.

Meticulous Men

Waaaay too complicated to set up. Not really fit for US stores.

개발자 회신

2019년 4월 12일

Hi, Meticulous Men! We are sorry to hear that. Back then our app didn't work outside of Europe and South America, but now it is available worldwide!
Contact us for help if you decide to give it a second chance (which we hope!)

Have a nice day!