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  • Set up your retargeting campaign in 30 seconds
  • Boost your sales with automatic bid optimization
  • Feel our love and support :-* drop us a line if you have any questions - we are always here to help

300% ROI with RetargetApp

RetargetApp helps you re-engage your site visitors who left without making a purchase — they see personalized Facebook ads of the previously viewed products. The icing on the cake is that  it is fully automated.

Simply install RetargetApp and boost your sales.

Our Mission

To make retargeting simple and sexy. Kidding, just simple (and maybe a little bit sexy ;) ).

Why RetargetApp?

We offer you an automated solution for running Dynamic Facebook Ads. We take care of everything: install a pixel, create a product catalog and run a campaign. All you need to do is choose an ad message and a daily budget. We got your back — monitoring your campaign 24/7 to ensure its efficiency.

RetargetApp makes the noise in the world:

RetargetApp reviews (115)


Easily 9-10x ROI per month. Best retargeting app on Shopify


Profit-machine. Install, passed rewiev, pay 38.9$ = forget about it.
Just check your profit after one week. Mine ROI was 478% !!!
Owner of https://nfl-gears.com - best NFL fun stuff ever


This app is a MUST!

It is so simple to install, and we started seeing results instantly. Minimal to no effort required, it just works in the background, and the results are incredible.


This app is amazing and with real results!
Reached a ROI of +500% within 4 days, with sales of $3.440 and expenditure of $550 in 4 days :).

And also Dari's customer service is one of the best I've ever got, so trust this guys and look forward to work with them!


I heard about you : good opinions.
I'm waiting for my good results ;-)


i spent 100 dollars on this app and made nearly 4k nearly every person that clickdd the retarget campaign completed their purchase


This app is terrible and so is its customer service. Instead of compensating it crops your images if they are 2x3, and the control parameters for your ad are more than minimal. Their customer care can help you control most of the things the app won't, but their service is atrocious to say the least. If you value your time, look elsewhere.


Retargeting can take some time to reap the rewards. After about 3 weeks I started to see some user traction and made 2 sales in week 5 and 6. I spent $72 and got back $569 dollars. This is an almost 800% ROI. Now after 6 months they have generated a 10x ROI. WOW, WOW, WOW. I will definitely keep Retargetapp running and increase my budget spend.


really simple and it works!


Complete rubbish! Incorrect and inaccurate analytics that misguide


We charge 10% of the campaign spent and won’t withdraw any additional commissions from sales. Read more about how our billing works in our Help Centre.


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