RetargetApp: High‑ROAS ads

RetargetApp: High‑ROAS ads

da Ad Intelligence INC

Automated Facebook ads & Instagram ads for traffic & sales

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Create A+ ads in a few clicks

The app fully automates the Facebook ad creation process. All you need to is get the app, set the budget & start your free trial

15 placements for your ads

Get sales from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Google & YouTube effortlessly - no need to check the ads every 5 minutes

Get high ROAS & more sales

RetargetApp lets you get new customers and retarget the existing ones for better retention - all with a personal manager and high ROAS

Su RetargetApp: High‑ROAS ads

New: Become one of the first users to benefit from a set of brand new channels - run Google Shopping (currently in beta) with RetargetApp in addition to regular Facebook ads.

Run high-ROAS, fully automated ads on Facebook and Google surfaces

RetargetApp combines expertise in advertising with advanced technologies to make advertising easy and efficient. With us, you don't need to invest your time and money into learning advertising best practices or experiment with campaign settings.

Get more sales with Retargeting

Re-engage your site visitors who didn’t make a purchase with fully automated Facebook and Instagram ads.

Bring even more sales with personalized​ retargeting (remarketing) ads for the cart-abandoners who are most likely to make a purchase.

Acquire new purchasers with Prospecting

Expand your reach by showing relevant ads to potential purchasers who haven’t visited your site yet. Prospecting ads bring more sales right away and increase the size of your Retargeting audience.

Increase average order value with Upsell

Offer an upgraded or improved version of the product to those who added this product to the cart.

Sell more to existing customers with Cross-Sell

Ensure repeat purchases by showing complementary products or your best-sellers to those who have already bought something from your store.

Explore new channels with Google Shopping (now in beta testing)

Enjoy the benefits of a multichannel ad strategy and re-engage your customers on Google, Gmail and YouTube with Google Shopping.

RetargetApp offers the online ad tools you need to save time and sell more. Try it today!

Why RetargetApp?

  • RetargetApp is a badged Facebook Business Partner and Google Partner with more than 5 years of experience in boosting sales for online stores.
  • RetargetApp now lets you retarget your potential customers on Google surfaces such as Google Search, Google Images and Google Shopping (now in beta testing)
  • A team of ad experts constantly keeps an eye on all campaigns to ensure the cost-effectiveness of each ad.
  • Super Support is ready to answer any questions you may have 7 days per week.
  • App performance is as transparent as it can be. Your campaign results are available directly in your Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Payments are secure – you are always charged directly by Shopify and Facebook.

RetargetApp will work for you if:

  • you have finished designing your store and it has at least 3 products
  • your Shopify store has at least 100 daily visitors
  • you have completed trial on Shopify and selected a plan
  • you are an Admin of at least one active Facebook page
  • you are ready to get more customers and more sales

Note: RetargetApp interface, Help Center and customer support are currently available only in English.

Si integra con

  • Facebook Dynamic Ads,
  • Facebook Page,
  • Google Shopping Ads

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Up to $200 in monthly ad spend

  • Get professional support 7 days a week
  • Retarget your store visitors on Facebook & Instagram



$200 - $999 in monthly ad spend

  • All LITE plan features
  • Recover abandoned carts with Carousel ads
  • Get relevant store visitors
  • Stand out with Collection & Slideshow ads



$1,000 - $4,999 in monthly ad spend

  • All BASIC plan features
  • Attract brand new customers
  • Customize ads with seasonal overlays



$5,000 - $9,999 in monthly ad spend

  • All STANDARD plan features
  • Ensure repeat purchases
  • Double your reach with Google and YouTube ads
  • Get your ad performance reviewed every week

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD.
** Le addebiti ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

4.3 stelle su 5

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Don't download this app. I've been a user for 3-4years but honestly, they will rob you at any occasion they can find. I'm so disappointed in it and their support team the past year. They used to be great, that's for sure. And they still reply fast, but regarding the app itself... twice they run ads without my permission on my account. My ads were inactive but they run them anyway on their end, I don't know how, then they charged me 249$/month for exceeding the 1k $ limit of the previous plan. They passed me to the higher plan without me noticing anything nor being notified by email. When you try to launch a store, you have so many things to think of and even if I could pay 49$/month, I couldn't pay 249$. I spent hours arguing with them and it's only when I threatened them to leave a bad review that they agreed to refund me. So I didn't at that time. But today I noticed they again passed my account to the higher plan (249$ instead of 49$). Their dashboard is in € but they calculate in $. So I guess with EUR/$ fluctuation, my account ended up spending more than the plan's limit au 1k $ . Again, I was not notified and they have been charging me 249$ for 11 months!!! For exceeded the plan's ads spend limit by 2,5$/day... 80$ a month... they charged me 200$ extra... So not worth it. I recognize I should have been more careful, but I never though they could be so dishonest about this. We, sellers have so many things to do too, we can't always check every single details, especially when their charges are one line in the whole shopify monthly bill or cycle bills. It's so unclear. It's not like you receive they unique bill in your mailbox and can easily notice something is wrong... I'll never see my 2200$ again, they don't want to proceed to any refund or even partial refund even though they recognized their pricing was confusing. I'm sorry but even though I was a user for 3-4 years, I will be looking for another retargeting App.


I'm a digital marketer working with e-stores, and it takes me a lot of time to set up and manage many ad campaigns. I was looking for an automated tool to help me out a bit and reduce some manual work. I've tried different tools and tactics and am really pleased with this one. It’s really simple and actually does its job. The ROAS is satisfying. Love it.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

22 settembre 2021

Thank you for the great review!
We are pleased you found RetargetApp beneficial for your business, and are looking forward to boosting your sales even more 🤑


I heard about this app from a friend who also owns a store on Shopify and was happy with her ad performance. I decided to try it and didn’t regret. Only after one month my returns hit 7.2. Two weeks ago we started experimenting with Google ads too so I’m excited to see some good results.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

22 settembre 2021

Thanks for the awesome review! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you 😊 Cheers!