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  • Set up your retargeting campaign in 30 seconds
  • Boost your sales with automatic bid optimization
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300% ROI with RetargetApp

RetargetApp helps you re-engage your site visitors who left without making a purchase — they see personalized Facebook ads of the previously viewed products. The icing on the cake is that  it is fully automated.

Simply install RetargetApp and boost your sales with a badged Facebook Marketing Partner.

Our Mission

To make retargeting simple and sexy. Kidding, just simple (and maybe a little bit sexy ;) ).

Why RetargetApp?

We offer you an automated solution for running Dynamic Facebook Ads. We take care of everything: install a pixel, create a product catalog and run a campaign. All you need to do is choose an ad message and a daily budget. Our team of retargeting experts got your back — monitoring your campaign 24/7 to ensure its efficiency.

RetargetApp makes the noise in the world:

RetargetApp reviews (141)


I rarely write reviews but the app works and Facebook retargeting is producing good results for us. Will definitely recommend this for any marketing toolkit...

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great app. makes me money with very little effort.
cool founder and support team too


This app is awesome! Very easy to use and it has given us an incredible ROI of 16 800%!


The team is incredibly fast to respond, efficient and friendly.


Fantastic app. Easily pulls in the product feed and retargets people based on what they've looked at. The ROI is amazing!


This app requires you to change how you currently bill for advertising with Facebook. Facebook currently offers a billing threshold and services are billed after being rendered. Threshold is based on past successful billing thresholds. This app requires you to pay in advance for the same Facebook services + a fee. I don't mind the fee but completely changing how a larger company interacts with billing for Facebook is not acceptable. At the least this app should offer daily billing. App looks promising but this is a deal breaker.


We're having a positive experience with RetargetApp so far. Our CPA is a bit lower than other channels and the support from the top down has been excellent. I'll report back after we've run RetargetApp for a longer period than our initial test.


To date the RetargetApp has generated an ROI of 11411.28% for us!


Very good app, been using for 3 weeks now and already a lots of sales.


By far the BEST app I've added to my Shopify store! Super easy to setup and I started seeing results within 24 hours. I think this is a must-have tool for anyone running a store on Shopify. Incredible ROI and excellent customer service! I could not be any happier and highly recommend.


We charge 10% of the campaign spent and won’t withdraw any additional commissions from sales. Read more about how our billing works in our Help Centre.


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