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  • Set up your retargeting campaign in 30 seconds
  • Boost your sales with automatic bid optimization
  • Feel our love and support :-* drop us a line if you have any questions - we are always here to help

300% ROI with RetargetApp

RetargetApp helps you re-engage your site visitors who left without making a purchase — they see personalized Facebook ads of the previously viewed products. The icing on the cake is that  it is fully automated.

Simply install RetargetApp and boost your sales with a badged Facebook Marketing Partner.

Our Mission

To make retargeting simple and sexy. Kidding, just simple (and maybe a little bit sexy ;) ).

Why RetargetApp?

We offer you an automated solution for running Dynamic Facebook Ads. We take care of everything: install a pixel, create a product catalog and run a campaign. All you need to do is choose an ad message and a daily budget. Our team of retargeting experts got your back — monitoring your campaign 24/7 to ensure its efficiency.

RetargetApp makes the noise in the world:

RetargetApp reviews (132)


To be honest, we saw the best return on this app, out of all installed on the website.

But if you also consider how easy it is to set up: the time & money you didn't spend to make it work, it's an absolute treasure of an app!!

One thing we'd love to see in the future - some sort of past campaigns results/reports available.

Outstanding customer services too!
Good luck guys!


Few bugs but quick to fix and helpful devs, features being added daily and seems to be growing well,


Awesome app that you set it and forget it, and it keeps making you money. Looking forward to future updates that hopefully allow more control over campaigns (i.e. A/B testing messages, offers, etc.) but in the meantime making a 12x return on money spent on a campaign is pretty good!


Must have app for all online retailers who customer is on Facebook. Pavlo is quick to respond to any questions or concerns. This is the best retargeting app out there, and we have tried several.
Don't hesitate... install Retargetapp NOW! :-)
You will be glad you did!


Great app - easy to setup and you can just leave it running. Although it is fairly limited with regard to editing the campaign settings (e.g. targeting location).


Very effective app. I will not be without it from now on. It was the missing piece of my advertising puzzle.
Customer service is awesome.


ok, within 1 week running this app + fb ads :

891 - Ad Views
32 - Product Views
6 - Added to Cart
5 - Purchased

Profit $366.99

Not BAD :)))


install is super quick and it works very well!

support was great also. many thanks!


Great customer service, and great app!!


Just tried to install, but product images display half cut-off. That is a show stopper. Would have given 5 stars otherwise.


We charge 10% of the campaign spent and won’t withdraw any additional commissions from sales. Read more about how our billing works in our Help Centre.


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