Retention Optimizer

Retention Optimizer

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Improve your customer retention with metrics and insights

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Understand retention metrics

View the relevant customer retention metrics for your store and get actionable customer retention insights.

Increase customer lifetime

Track the development of your retention metrics over time and understand how you can reduce your marketing costs.

Comply with GDPR

Implement your customer profiling in compliance with the European data privacy laws.

Retention Optimizerの詳細情報

Retention Optimizer

Retention Optimizer helps you to better understand your customers base, identify loyal and at risk customers, visualize the effectiveness of your marketings campaigns and implement win back campaigns.


  • Understand your customer retention metrics
  • View your retention metrics over time
  • Understand your retention segments
  • Cluster your customers in cohorts and view their lifetime
  • Measure your marketing activities in customer activation KPIs
  • Get weekly e-mail with retention KPIs and trends
  • Identify your loyal and at-risk customers
  • Re-activate the sleepers in your customer base
  • Export your segments for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Comply fully with GDPR while using this app

App Features

  • Monthly and longterm KPIs for customer retention
    • Average Order Value
    • Repeat Purchase Rate
    • Purchase Latency
    • One time buyer rate
  • Retention matrix - Segment your customers based on recency and frequency and view development of your segments over time.
  • Customer cohorts - View the retention trends in your customer base on a montly basis.
  • Weekly insights - Get a weekly email with updates of your KPIs to identify positive and negative retention trends in your customer base.
  • Email list exports - Export the segments to re-use the segments for custom targeted e-mail or ad campaigns for loyal, at-risk, promising, new and sleeper customer segments
  • GDPR-compliance - Comply with the European data privacy legislation through getting a signed data processing agreement (DPA) and secure data storage in Germany.
  • Anonymized mode - Enable anonymization of all user-related data before storage and processing to mitigate any risk of data leakage and to remove the necessity to inform your EU-customers about advanced personal analytics activities.

Get started

  • Connect your store now without any risk as the first 3 days are free
  • Get insights and start optimizing your retention metrics
  • Run targeted campaigns with high conversion rates



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  • Stores with up to 5.000 orders



  • Stores with up to 50.000 orders



  • Stores with up to 200.000 orders



  • Stores with up to 2.000.000 orders

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Great app! Provides a good overview on customer retention KPIs. GDPR-compliance was a necessity for us.

Rocka Nutrition Schweiz

This app is very helpful to analyze, manage and optimize the customer churn metrics of our store. Especially the customer cohorts give insights into the effectiveness of our marketing and winback campaigns.