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15. august 2023

Their team scoped out a project, promised they could do it then wasted a month of time to communicate their system couldn't properly handle flat rate bundles. I was very upfront about the amount of work involved and offered other solutions to their devs but was met with "our system doesn't work that way". Extremely disappointed with their lack of internal communication abilities. Sales shouldn't make promises, then have a project manager come in and say it's possible, then take a month to say dev refuses to even make an attempt to modify the way their system works. I'm glad I didn't end up launching with them, if this is how they handle dev I can't imagine the system itself is very robust at all.

3 måneder bruger appen
Stay Ai svarede 7. oktober 2023

Hey Jon,

It's Gina, the CEO and co-founder of Stay. As I said over email, I am truly sorry we couldn't make this work. When I set out to build Stay I wanted to build a tool that solved what was missing from other subscription apps. I know we can't be everything to everyone and we do our absolute best to scope out deals before saying we can do a project. Unfortunately, after some discovery with the implementation team, we were not a great fit for Sketchbox's needs and felt it was best you choose an app that is the right fit instead of us layering on custom code to our app to try and make a square peg fit in a circle hole and have you be unhappy after launch. We are sorry to have wasted any of your time and I hope you've found a good solution for SketchBox.