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Let your products tell their story

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Products tell their story

Let your products tell their story! From the farm, to the supplier, over to manufacturing site and to the brands warehouse. EVERYTHING!

End consumer driven insights

Carefully selected products insights based on consumer surveys are shown to indicate sustainability and transparency efforts.

Product story mini widget

A subtle, yet present widget promoting consumers to read more about your product and connect emotionally with them.

À propos de retraced

retraced - Let your products tell their story

With this app, you can let each of your product tell their story directly in your store. Given all information collected on the retraced journey through the supply chain, this offers you the unique opportunity to:

  • Let customers connect emotionally to each of your products
  • Provide each product journey directly where the customer wants to see it
  • Get insights in the retraced dashboard about the customer experience with this plugin

Whole Product Journey on One Click

From raw material sourcing to manufacturing down to the warehouse: Each product is traced along the way, providing a complete new experience of shopping. Redefine the way a customer will connect to any of your products and enjoy now the benefits of retraced directly in your web shop.

Easy & Simple Integration

The app will handle everything automatically for you, the only thing you have to decide is: Where to show the product journey in the product page. We can guide and help you with the perfect placement for the widget and how to have maximum impact for customer experience.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Once integrated, the app will show:

  • A map preview of the product journey
  • All badges this product has received based on a defined calculation on certificates, memberships and more of companies involved in the value creation process
  • A widget opening up for deep product insights once the widget is clicked

S'intègre à

  • sap,
  • jda,
  • oracle erp

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