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reTrusted.com - Real Reviews

reTrusted.com - Real Reviews

Developed by reTrusted Ltd.

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  • Automatically request reviews and ratings from all your customers
  • Automatically post positive reviews to Facebook & Twitter. Allow customers to share reviews with their social friends
  • Display the reTrusted 'Trust Seal' and widgets on your website to show your credibility to potential customers. Increase Conversions!

Get clients to promote your store & increase your sales with the most advanced review management tool in Shopify

  • Collect real customer reviews automatically on every sale you make

  • Market your customers' endorsements on your website, google & social networks

  • Improve your Google Ranking & Conversion Rates without lifting a finger

  • Learn from your client's experiences and adapt around their expectations
  • 6 STEPS to increase sales using reviews:

  • Step 1: You sell you products and services

  • Step 2: After the customer receives his order, we automatically request a review via Email and SMS

  • Step 3: Your customers submit their reviews online or via their smartphones

  • Step 4: Positive Reviews are published and shared

  • Step 5: Reviewers who shared their positive reviews with their social friends are rewarded with coupons

  • Step 6: Increased trust and exposure will help increase your Conversion Rates and increase sales.
  • 6 REASONS why authenticated transaction based reviews matter:

    Only Authenticated Reviews Really Work

    We import your actual transaction details to contact only your real customers. Real reviews, verified by a 3rd party, work better than fake endorsements. Customers instinctively know when endorsements are not real.

    Improve your SEO & Google Page Rank

    Search engines love key-word rich consumer generated content! It positively affects your SEO and page rank. reTrusted ensures maximum SEO compatibility using Rich Snippets. Google can even show your ratings in search results leading to up to 25% higher CTR.

    Understand Your Customers

    Isn't it time you understand what customers really think? Just ask them after they received a service or product. You might be surprised what you find out! reTrusted not only gathers reviews but also business intelligence by including optional questions related to a number of key performance indicators

    Increase Conversions

    It's simple: Verified reviews increase trust and hence conversions. In fact, you can improve your conversion rate by up to 63%! By reaching out to customers after a transaction you show that you care thus increasing retention rates too.

    Marketing your Reviews to Increase Traffic

    Just like endorsements are used to market a website's reputation, real reviews collected by reTrusted are marketed via a widget you can place on your site, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. You will even receive your own profile page where you can showcase your reputation.

    Control Your Level Of Service

    As a manager you hardly have time to look at tickets and chat logs. Real customer reviews will help you to get notified when customers have real issues or complaints about poor service they might have received. Valuable information that requires immediate attention!

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