Igloo Free Returns Protection

Igloo Free Returns Protection

by Axinan

Enable free returns & reverse logistics. No cost to merchants.

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Customisable Returns

Select which items are eligible so shoppers get to enjoy free returns when they opt-in at checkout.

All-in-one Platform

No more handling returns manually. Improve returns operations to enhance customer satisfaction.

Integrated Returns Logistics

Shoppers enjoy free reverse logistics with our partner, NinjaVan in Singapore.

About Igloo Free Returns Protection

What is Igloo Free Returns Protection?

Think of it as *free returns insurance* It enables shoppers to have the option of free returns at 1-3% of product value. This fee is paid by shoppers at checkout, making it completely free for merchants.

As a one-stop solution, Igloo removes the hassle of managing returns and claims on different platforms. Hence, the post-purchase experience is made fuss-free for both parties.

*This app, along with Ninjavan's integrated logistics service, is specially made merchants who transact and ship domestically within Singapore.*

Seamless and Delightful Returns Experience for Shoppers

  • Shoppers Can Opt-in for Free Returns – Businesses with flexible return policies often see higher sales and customer retention.
  • Returns Submitted Through Our Platform – Shoppers no longer need to email you for customer support as the system processes their requests, allowing for a fuss-free returns process.

Flexibly Choose Your Products Applicable For Returns

  • Add Free Returns Option to Selected Products – Create your own return policy by choosing which products are applicable for returns.
  • Reject/ Accept Return Requests – Review images and reasons for returns before approving the request. This allows you to set your own return rules and moderate requests.

Track and Manage Returns Efficiently

  • Integrated Claims Management Portal – Save time and additional costs by managing and tracking all returns on one platform.
  • Mobile Ready Portal – Conveniently manage returns while on the go with our mobile platform.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Prepaid Delivery Services

  • Integration with NinjaVan in Singapore – Allows customers to conveniently opt for free NinjaVan pick-up services.

Enjoy Free Returns

  • Pass Return Costs to Customers – Customers fully pay for the return premium, which differs between products.

How does it work?

  1. Install Igloo Free Returns Protection and add this feature to selected products
  2. As part of the checkout process, customers can select Free Returns to be protected. The premium fee will be charged to them.
  3. If they wish to return the product, customers will submit a claim via the system that is subjected to your approval.
  4. Should you approve the return, customers will then be assigned a prepaid delivery label and are able to arrange a pick-up with NinjaVan.

Integrates with

  • Ninjavan

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Free to install

Nominal premium fee (~1-3% of the product value) charged to shoppers at checkout.

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