Return & Exchange Assistant

Return & Exchange Assistant


Convert refunds to store-credits using our AI technology

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Automate your customers' returns with a branded self-service portal. Switch returns into repurchases using instant credit resolutions.

Store-Credit Solution

A store-credit solution that seamlessly integrates into your store. Customers will be able to use store-credit at the cart and checkout.


An easy to use, intuitive interface for you and your customers. We integrate with any shop. No manual installation required.

Return & Exchange Assistant 정보

ReturnGO technology works to give your customers the best alternative to return refunds while maximizing your profits.

ReturnGO is the only app that uses data to calculate how much store-credit your customer's request is worth. Our smart algorithm will create a variety of options for your customers, so they can choose their own preferred alternative. Putting the ball back in their court, you can improve customer satisfaction and create a positive return and exchange experience.

Why ReturnGO?

  • Easily manage your returns with RMA
  • Convert returns into revenue using store-credit
  • A branded, self-service portal
  • Maximizing profits
  • Reduce your return rate & churn
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Improve customer experience
  • Decrease customer service emails
  • White-label solution
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Multi-currency
  • Any language

How Does It Work?

  • Integration: ReturnGO integrates easily with your Shopify store, with no extra code needed.

  • Instant credit resolutions based on AI: We offer instant store-credits to your customers by predicting their behaviors to maximize their LTV. You can choose which options we will give to your customers; Keep the item, Donate it, or Ship it back later.

  • User experience: ReturnGO gives your customers a better return journey, including full transparency. With an immediate store-credits option, your customer can spend again instantly.

  • Brand loyalty: New customers are fun, loyal customers are the best! Smooth and positive return experience will lead to lasting, strong relationships with customers.

  • Analytics: Everything you need to know about your customers' returns on one page. Real-time data about every return request, expanded dashboard, and all-important profit metrics.

Friendly customer service

We're here to help you, 7 days a week!

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  • Return & Exchange portal

  • Supports Store-Credit and Refund

  • Encourages exchanges using AI (optional)

  • Any language

  • Unlimited use

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This is an amazing app for returns. We have been working with it for over a month now, and it reduced our return by more than 15% by making the users accept store credits instead of a return. More than that, it increased returning customers as most of the users accepting store credit buy more than the credit value, and they are happy. We highly recommend it.

It's Juliet

this is a fine app and customer service is helpful. thanks so much for the help. you can exchange or refund and it integrates easily.


I use ReturnGo's Exchange Assistant application to help with customer feedback and store credits for my store. It is extremely user friendly and allows us to seamlessly receive customer feedback on orders as well as offer customers store credits on returns/exchanges, as opposed to always offering full refunds.