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13. Oktober 2021

Our ReturnKey portal is very easy-to-use and our customers love the experience. I also appreciate the excellent level of support provided by the ReturnKey team; they always go above and beyond to help solve our problems. Highly recommended!

Bottomslab MY
Mehr als 2 jahre mit der App
10. Januar 2023

ReturnKey Portal is very helpful for us! Very easy-to-use and straight forwards interface for our customers and help us to manage the return orders which eases our

Thousand Miles MY
Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
9. Januar 2023

ReturnKey Portal is very helpful for us! Very easy-to-use for our customers and it helps us to manage return orders. ReturnKey team also very helpful to solve our issues. Highly recommended!

Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
10. Januar 2023

The ReturnKey app has truly made processing returns so much easier for us! The interface is very user friendly for not just the retailer but for customers as well. Not forgetting, the ReturnKey team has also been super helpful and we hope to see some updates implemented to make the process even more seamless.

Bottoms Lab SG
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
22. März 2023

Our company's time and financial commitment to handling returns have been significantly reduced thanks to the ReturnKey site.

Lyger Coffee
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
9. August 2021

Our customers love ReturnKey and so do we. Our ReturnKey portal has dramatically decreased the time and money our company spends handling returns. Additionally, our customers really like the ReturnKey portal- it’s very clear and easy to use. Pricing is very reasonable too, particularly given the cost savings ReturnKey’s automation provides. Highly recommended.

Callie Cotton
4 monate mit der App
22. April 2021

It's been like night and day since we started using ReturnKey. Their team is super responsive. They really go above and beyond to give our customers a flawless experience. My finance team has loved the improved visibility over our returns. Processing times have reduced dramatically and customer satisfaction has never been higher.

3 monate mit der App
19. Oktober 2021

ReturnKey is a MUST-HAVE app for online fashion brands. We had been searching for so long for a returns management software like Returnly/HappyReturns/etc to facilitate returns that could work in Indonesia, but couldn’t find any until ReturnKey — just in time right before our launch! We’ve been using it for a little over 1.5 months now, and both our team and customers are loving it (easiest returns in Indo they’ve done so far, they said). Returns and exchanges have been super smooth, thanks to the well-designed, easy-to-use return portal with very clear instructions, and the exceptional level of support given by their team. No more return struggles with ReturnKey as it provides complete oversight of our whole returns process. If you want to improve customer experience and satisfaction as well as operational efficiency, ReturnKey is the right key to excelling in the e-commerce sector — especially critical for clothing (activewear!) brands, which are generally more susceptible to higher return rates.

Kin + Ally
2 monate mit der App