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2015년 12월 31일

First, I was very happy with this app. It is helpful and streamlined. Easy for customers to navigate. The problem is, I truly do not recall this app costing $59 a month or I would not have chosen to integrate it to begin with. I'm assuming the $59 is a newly instituted plan? Sadly, I now have to uninstall and find another solution within our means. Quite honestly, I can't imagine an app doing enough for my store in a revenue increasing way for me to pay $700 a year. Returns are money lost to begin with. To add another $700 a year to that loss seems to be counterproductive. I think it would have been great to have a low cost option for a business that deals in few returns and have a tiered pricing for larger stores. Anyway, farewell Returnly, I really will miss you!

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