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I really like the app but they pulled the exchange feature with no heads up and now want us to pay 3 times our original cost to get it back. Doesn't make sense. We are in the process of moving apps.

XIX Palms
使用应用的时长: 2年多

We have been using this app for about a year and a half. It's "ok" but it lacks some basic functionality without a huge price jump to the next plan. However... they just "upgraded" to a newer version and took away the exchange option for customers so now they only see a return option. They are backing us into a corner to upgrade to 300X the cost to get the same function. Needless to say, we'll be looking elsewhere for a new returns provider as we don't appreciate the shady move they just made.

Cognative MTB®
使用应用的时长: 大约3年

Be careful when doing business with this company. They promised us tons of features during the sales call but once the integration process began, we realized that some of them weren’t really available. For example, variant-based returns cost calculation isn’t possible. So if your products have variants, you won’t be able to calculate the return fees. Also, although we weren’t able to launch their app, they charged us the 1-year fee. This is a total waste of our time and money.

Boutique Rugs
使用应用的时长: 6个月

None of the features that you need are available with the monthly charge version (what you can get through Shopify). The company holds everything useful back and makes you go through a sales process where they pitch you on spending THOUSANDS per month just to get access to some key features that are obviously necessary for the app to function properly. 1/10.

使用应用的时长: 4天

I suggest staying far away from Returnly and looking into their competitors like Loop Returns or Happy Returns. We signed on with Returnly in October of 2020 after our sales rep promised the Shop Collections feature would be added to our account within weeks. 5 months later they still hadn't launched it and were ignoring my emails. Once they finally added us to the beta, they are impossible to get ahold of for customer service. What they didn't mention back when they sold me on the whole Returnly system as they take 10% commission on your exchanges. Now we're locked into a year contract with terrible customer service, a poor product, and a pricey commission we weren't aware of. I regret my decision to sign with them and suggest any business looking at return apps to stay away.

使用应用的时长: 接近2年

We had intended to utilize Returnly to make our return process easier. Instead, we ended up on a call with a Returnly team member that let us know we it would cost thousands of dollars a year with a year long contract to have the functionality we wanted. I cannot find a way to cancel on their website, and they are still billing us every month for this app which we do not like, want, or need. Definitely not something I would recommend to anyone.

使用应用的时长: 4个月

Very overpriced for what it does. I wish they would change the billing to per return instead of charging $150/mo lump sum. Carrier features have no flexibility. Also, the exchange feature is mandatory

使用应用的时长: 4年多
Returnly Holdings, LLC已回复 2020年10月6日

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're so sorry to hear about your experience and we understand your frustration. Carrier options, exchanges for size/color and different products are available on our premium plans. If you would like to get in touch, we would be happy to chat further about your experience and try to help.


Support is slow to respond. Exchanges must be processed manually, as far as we can understand, and does not automatically invoice the new exchanged item in Shopify Orders.

Venture Heat
使用应用的时长: 接近2年
Returnly Holdings, LLC已回复 2020年8月31日

Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback, we're sorry to hear about your experience. Our support team will be reaching out to ensure you have everything sorted as quickly as possible. Automated exchanges and instant exchange fulfillment are available for our annual customers. If you would like to get in touch, we would be happy to chat further about your experience and try to help.


Support Team is dead. Need assistance setting up and still no response, its almost been 16 hours now

Bicycle Booth
使用应用的时长: 2个月

Really, really, REALLY terrible customer service. I would not recommend Returnly to anyone, and this is coming from someone who never spends the time to write negative reviews.

We spent several weeks attempting to get proper help from someone at the company. Their response time via email is painfully slow, so we finally called and spoke with someone who was very short with us and unwilling to offer a solution that would work for our company. We had hoped to come up with a solution between the "Starter" plan and unreasonably expensive "Ace" plan, but were quickly dismissed and told the app probably wouldn't be a good fit for us at this time. We have already been using the Returnly app for a few months now, but they had no interest in doing anything to at least try to keep us as a customer.

Beware that the "Starter" plan only allows customers to return one product. This information is not prominent on the Returnly website and, unfortunately, created a bit of a customer service issue for us. We already sourced and installed a different returns app that we will be using instead.

使用应用的时长: 5个月