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AfterShip Returns , 2.162 Rezensionen

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24. Oktober 2023

I have been using AfterShip Returns for years on several online shops, and I'm fully happy with it. It's easy to configure, and offers a very professional experience to customers for returns, despite I didn't use all their features as of now. I strongly recommend it!

Le Cycle Moderne
Fast 3 jahre mit der App
5. Dezember 2023

Fantastic app! we needed something that was easy to navigate and help monitor our returns. This app does everything we need and more.

Commercial Hardware
Vereinigtes Königreich
Fast 2 jahre mit der App
1. Dezember 2023

We have been using AfterShip a smidge over a year now. Before this week, I may have given them 4-5 stars; however, there was a change to the app that overrode our return rules; creating an issue for our users.
In trying to force an upgrade, at a 70% cost increase, our app no longer functioned as before, nor as desired.
After working with support for three days, it was finally resolved today, when the agent, Ayush, removed the forced upgrade. Now our app appears to be performing as needed. There is no way for the user to work around the upgrade and it is not clear that is the issue.
All you will need is some patience, an understanding of how the app is supposed to perform for your site, and a fierce determination to reach a support agent who will comprehend the issue and needs of the customer, and be willing to stick with it to make the correct changes.

Munro Shoes
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AfterShip & Automizely hat geantwortet 3. Dezember 2023

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We appreciate all forms of feedback as it helps us improve our products/services and provide a better experience for our customers.
We are genuinely sorry to hear that your experience with us didn't meet your expectations. We strive to deliver exceptional service, and we regret any inconvenience caused to you. Your concerns are important to us. If there's anything specific you'd like to see or any additional features you're interested in, please feel free to contact us via the live chat option available on your account or email us at support@aftership.com. We will try our best to ensure that your experience with us becomes worth a 5-star rating.

2. Oktober 2023

Ayushi is very kind and fast reactive, she helps me in about one minute to solve my questions. thank you
I love this app and their support

Etwa 3 jahre mit der App
2. Oktober 2023

Ayushi is SO helpful! Very quick to respond and is able to help me out with all of my questions regarding billing and how to find invoice statements. The customer service with Aftership is AMAZING! High recommend (:

Stitch And Feather
Vereinigte Staaten
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25. Oktober 2023

I recommend this application to any serious business as it's pro tailored to match your customers return needs no matter your budget.!

Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 4 jahre mit der App
5. Oktober 2023

I want to give commendation to Moazzam who has been a great help to me in resolving the issues I encountered in AfterShip. Moazzam is very quick in finding the issue and proving resolution.

Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als 4 jahre mit der App
27. Oktober 2023

AfterShip is wonderful and very easy to use and extremely convenient I recommend this to any and all ecommerce store owners. their customer service support team are very great, very supportive and friendly. their chat response time is phenomenal you couldn't ask for better customer support.

Yu Are His
Vereinigte Staaten
5 monate mit der App
3. Oktober 2023

Very easy to use app for returns. If you have any queries their support section are very helpful.

Benestar Sandals Australia
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
4. Oktober 2023

Great app our customers love it. And their IT support team is great - they are truly there to help.

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Fast 3 jahre mit der App