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2020년 4월 14일

My problem with this service isn't the app itself, but the changes the company made without notifying clients of the changes. We could accept exchanges, and without notice they changed the features, and we weren't allowed to work with exchanges only returns. I contacted them in March, and I was told the changes were effective as of February. However, they never notified us of these changes. Our customers have had a poor experience when requesting exchanges because they are told by the website that their exchange cannot be processed.
The app works fine when it works since in the past it had glitches too.

Kallie & Co.
앱 사용 기간 대략 2년
2020년 8월 4일

The app is good however like most returns apps on shopify, if you're not giving away free returns you can't seem to just send a manual email to say this is how you send it back without it requesting a pdf to download.

Elsie & Fred
앱 사용 기간 대략 2년
2020년 4월 17일에 편집됨

I am testing but what it show is what the company wantslooks like it will serve for the necessities fo the company, as soon as we finish the tests we will come back and requalificate it

Mundo dos Óleos
앱 사용 기간 대략 2년
2017년 10월 18일에 편집됨

On a basic level its a great app - it makes a streamlined process for customers to process a return on their own.

However there are some missing key features that are lacking:
1. You cannot make custom emails. The ones they've written do not look professional and at times had poor grammar.
2. Not possible to process an exchange (maybe your customer got the wrong size, a faulty product, etc.)
3. You cannot create a set of custom parameters based on circumstances. For example you cannot specify how returns are handled for international purchases, purchases of items on sale, etc.
4. The it takes you to an outside page rather than allowing it to be done within your page.

Some main updates would make it a great app, as the integration was quite easy and straight forward to use.

RARR Sportswear

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2019년 11월 21일에 편집됨

The app works great if the return is for a single box. We have processed hundreds of returns with this app and have been relatively satisfied overall.

One challenge: If a customer has multiple boxes to return, there is no way to provide multiple shipping labels to the customer. At that point, we need to manually create electronic shipping labels and email over to the customer. This defeats the purpose of the app.

Additionally, In the past month, I've seen a large volume of customers say they never received the secondary email after we've approved them for a return. At that point, there is no way for me to re-send the confirmation email (which contains the optional return label for them to print). As such, I typically need to manually save their return label and send it over to them on my own. Again, this completely defeats the purpose.

It would also be nice to be able to easily change shipping label weight and dimensions for each return as we have hundreds of different size and weight packages.

If you need a return solution for single, uniform boxes, this app should be great for you. If you need anything flexible or variable (or if you have customers who potentially don't receive emails from the app) then you might not be satisfied with this app.

Tanglefree Shop
앱 사용 기간 대략 1년
2020년 5월 13일

So far so good. Still in the trial period, so I do need more time to get a good feel. The test demo was a little confusing. Other than that so far so good.

Shop By Rags
앱 사용 기간 대략 1년
2017년 3월 8일

The app is great, but I would like to be able to translate all the elements of the page, not just the return policy. thank you very much

앱 사용 기간 11개월
2017년 6월 21일

Good, but could be great. Needs a more seamless integration with Shopify, still feels like I'm using 2 pieces of software to do a basic return (though that may be limited by Shopify). Definitely needs, more than anything, an option to process exchanges. Needs better customization of the returns page to make it look like our branding. Has grammar/spelling errors on the front end or back end of the app. Customers are having some issues using the app and getting error messages, causing us to do some returns manually. There is no way to track the exchange of money between AfterShip and our Shopify account. And honestly, quite a few other things as well. But, it still has good potential to be very useful if these issues get address, especially if they make it so we can process exchanges!! So for now, we will keep using the app with hopes they WILL be addressed, soon! I'll come back and leave a 5-star review when that happens.

앱 사용 기간 10개월
2020년 4월 15일

noch am Testen, jetzt schwer zu sagen. An sich würde ich viel meh gerne CUstomizen. Ich hoffe das kann man noch

앱 사용 기간 9개월
2020년 4월 14일

I'm still trying to get this app to work with my store. Sent a request for help and am not sure what I'm missing. Happy to give a better review once it works.

Darlin Primrose
앱 사용 기간 9개월