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Gameguard Outdoors

Great app to use!! No issues with this app. Guri is awesome, answered all my questions quickly and was very easy to work with.

Local Joe

First of all, this app took longer to set up than it took me to set up my entire Shopify store. Other apps like Returnly and Aftership can be set up within about 20 minutes. It's not a very beautiful app either, compared to more streamlined and modern returns apps out there. But the reason for my low review is the issue I encountered which caused me to go through the trouble of completely installing Bold and then having to change to another app once I got done.

Granted, my store is a bit unique in that I'm constantly adding and deleting variants of products which are dependent upon time. 100% of my returns are for products where the variant is already deleted from my store. Bold's returns app does not make it possible for customers to generate returns for these products. When I contacted Bold about this, their customer support neglected to put my information into Zendesk which caused me to never receive any correspondence about the issue. When I finally got that issue straightened out, here was their dev's response: "Once a product/variant has been deleted our application will be unable to tie that product into the system, as we are utilizing Shopify's product API and looking for the Product ID even creating a new product with the same name won't allow it to be returned through the application."

I am not a developer and if I took this answer at face value, I probably would've just given up. However, I found that both Returnly and Aftership both support returns for my products. I decided to use Aftership because of how easy it is to use.

This has been my experience with Bold over and over again. Just about every app they make seems to be built by developers, not product people. The applications themselves are not flexible and nobody seems to be listening to customers or the marketplace about what we want. I continue to be frustrated by Bold overall and this is just another example.

Insomniac Events

Great. App. Great Price. Great support team. Great interface. Overall just a great product. Would highly recommend.

Captainsparrowlover Com

My store is still under construction because I'm a newbie on a steep learning curve. In the past, I created my own business, a brick and mortar shop in Los Angeles. It was a Wine and Cheese shop in the Louisiana Purchase shopping center on Santa Monica. Located under the Gazebo, I got into the spirit of the theme and named it 'The Bayou', complete with Spanish moss in between the bricks. My adventure came to a close when a devastating car accident removed my physical ability to go to work or support my children. I lost my business when the stock had to be returned to pay my bills, lost my saved bank account to pay for two years of babysitting, my car was a total loss, and we soon became homeless when I could no longer pay rent. I did get all of the insurance money from the man that ran his red light, but it did not cover my massive losses. I need the returns manager to make returns as headache-free as possible for me because I do not easily get around physically for other errands. I'm already convinced that your bold apps have the best functions and from what I already know about your team, you have the most attentive support also! I'm starting my business on a shoe string, but personally, I am tenacious with the attitude of never giving up! I need your team, I need your help, I need your App! (A perfect fit) Pick me! <3

When I have a question or ask for help, your team is highly responsive, and on it right away. You make me feel like I'm not standing alone in the wilderness, but are part of a team all focused on being successful, and you are right there with a cheery attitude while you calm me down, putting any nerves of mine to rest.

Pet Cuisine Accessories

We use over half of all BOLD apps for our store and this app has been a big time saver for us. Customers used to email us and we had to find their purchase to see if they were eligible, process everything manually, etc. This streamlines everything by also giving customers the tools necessary to process their own returns within our established policies.


I don't exactly have a review on the app just yet...I just installed it but I do have to highlight this....the customer service on this application is the best!!!! I'm no coding whiz and of course I needed a lot of coding done so that the app looks correct on my website. Dan, Zachary, and I forgot the original rep's name saved me!! I got all my questions answered within minutes and the app looks amazing. Thanks guys! :) Five stars for customer service!!

Hvac Parts Outlet

We archived an RA by mistake and we as a user cannot un-archive it. The definition to archive is to store until needed again. Next, a customer did not receive a shipping label, not sure this even works, and there is not email re-trigger for lack of a better definition. With that said, how does the customer get a label??? Just struggling with this and customer support is email only as they don't answer the phone. We will be moving on to another app.


Pretty cool App, save us a lot of time, They have auto status confirmation via several clicks. Recommend!

Blue Maze

I have been using Returns Manager by Bold for almost 4 months now. I am satisfied with it :)

Fancy Phone Case

Good luck getthing the app to work on existing stores. Is probably good for new stores. Also it calculates the days based on the order date not the shipping date.

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