Returns For Sale Widget

Returns For Sale Widget

af DRIP Retail

Display & Sell Any Returned Products That Can't Be Sold As New

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Stop the Waste

Got products / returns that can’t be sold as new? Displays, samples, demos, overstock, used... Our recommerce app sells it. It's so easy.

DRIP’s until it sells

Set opening discount, set an optional daily price drop with any DRIP % rate. Set an optional floor price. Let the market find the price.

Any condition sells

In less than 1 minute. Rate ABCDE, describe the issue, upload images. All quick and easy. Products delete when sold. Clean back end.

Om Returns For Sale Widget

Liquidate Your Returns That Can’t Be Sold As New, In Any Condition.

Got a return with a damaged box, slightly worn or used look, or even damaged product? Samples, open box returns, scratch & dents, display models, or demos. ReturnsForSale will make it easy to sell it fast while letting the market find the price.

Set a Discount and optional DRIP Rate

Optionally price DRIP by x% daily until it sells to find the right price.

Note: It will never hit 0 because it DRIPs x% from the day before, not the original price. Optionally set a floor %. Let the market find the price.

Describe it and Rate it

It’s important your customer knows exactly what they are getting on a ReturnForSale. Rate it (ABCDF), write an issue description, post a photo of the issue if necessary.

Post a Product in 1 Minute or Less

We worked hard so it takes less than a minute to post. Syncs to your product list in a drop down format. With the Shopify mobile app, the warehouse can take a photo to display the issue (box, dirt, stain, tear, etc..) Deletes automatically from Shopify product listings when sold, keeping it clean.


Strategically place the DRIP Retail widget on your product page. It highlights the opportunity buy.

The Widget only appears if you have a DRIP listing.


  • Highlight a custom Returns policy in the widget.
  • Customize your DRIP rate templates. Moderate DRIP, flat discount, floor price...
  • Customize the product page name, URL, or SKU.

Premium Version:

  • Customize the widget colors to your brand or preference.
  • Brand your widget for: DRIP Returns, Clearance, Closeouts, Scratch & Dent, Sample, Demos, Open Box, Demos.
  • Use your own fonts from your theme.

Post in Bulk - Price Bounces Back Up

Example: Post 100 pieces of 1 SKU at 10% and 1% a day. As soon a sale at any volume happens, the price will bounce back up to the opening 10% discount and DRIP again.

Liquidate that returns pile in the corner, turn your returns into cash.


Works with any currency. Languages coming soon.

Customer Service

Live chat in the app, phone, and email support if you need it. Real customer service.

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Standard Returns

Gratis at installere

5% of each sale

  • Unlimited DRIP Campaigns
  • Only pay as you use it.
  • 5.0% Transaction ee on sales
  • Default 'DRIP Returns' Widget
  • Upgrade option widget settings



5% of each sale

  • 5.0% Transaction fee
  • Custom Widget Color
  • Widget Options: Returns, Clearance, Closeouts, Scratch & Dent, Sample, Demos, Open Box, Demos

* Alle debiteringer faktureres i USD. Faste debiteringer, herunder månedlige debiteringer eller brugsgebyrer, faktureres hver 30. dag.

5.0 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser

Truth Alone Clothing

I use this app to sell clearance items as well as to sell any returns.
The app works great and the level of customer service is one best out there. The customer service is efficient and with quick follow through. The app is very user friendly. I highly recommend this app!

TLO Outdoors

I'm so glad I found this app. We have a ton of returns that are in A-condition. They are piling up, and I just didn't have the energy to create listings. Shopify doesn't have a feature to sell in conditions other than new. This app quickly created identical SKU with my settings. App support is amazing, personal, and dedicated to do whatever it takes to get things going. I needed a decent bit of theme modification and they had me up and running within the day. Since installing it a few days ago, I've already received numerous orders for our returns/open box items... this is MONEY IN THE BANK and well worth the fee. 5-Stars.

Udviklerens svar

21. januar 2021

It was really rewarding to see your first sale less than 2 hours after your first post. We look forward to your success and selling off those returns, closeouts, etc... with the app. Thank you for the review and kind words, very much appreciated. We try to give everybody this attention and help them succeed.

Ugly Walls

I would recommend this App to everyone looking for a way to not lose money on returns. In under a minute, more like under 30 seconds, I can take a returned item and make a product page for it and post it. The user interface looks great on our product page which is always a plus with added apps. I normally don't write reviews, but I need to with this app. I downloaded and had questions on the install and placement on my site. They answered my live chat and even gave me his cell phone if I wanted help! The problem was solved in minutes and he gave me great tips on using the app.
We sold our first one, a return with a damaged box, in days.
I'm a small store, returns in damaged boxes are frustrating, we hopefully don't have to use this app a lot, but it's there when we do. It connects right to your inventory making it super clean and easy.

Udviklerens svar

5. december 2020

Wow, thanks for the review! Yes, we love when small businesses use it, even if its just one a month, we're just glad it works.
I think people think because we are on big sites like automotive that list hundreds or thousands of returns that it's just for big business. But in truth, most businesses get returns that can't be sold as new, even it's just a few a year and just a damaged packaging.
So glad you like it. thanks again.