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Feature returns that can’t be sold as new, DRIP % until sold.

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Stop the Waste

Do you have returns come back that can’t be sold as new? Let them find a home at the market price.

DRIP’s until it sells

Set an opening discount and set the DRIP rate to any % you want. The price will DRIP daily in perpetuity until it sells, never hitting 0.

Any condition sells

Rate the condition ABCDF. Quick and easy photo upload of the issues. Customers are informed of what they’re getting.

About ReturnsForSale

Liquidate Your Returns That Can’t Be Sold As New, In Any Condition.

Got a return with a damaged box, slightly worn or used look, or even damaged product? Here’s an easy solution we’ve been using for years to sell it fast while letting the market find the price, and now made it into an app.

Set a Discount and DRIP Rate

The price will DRIP by x% every day until it sells. Example, put it up for 15% off and DRIP at 2%, every day at midnight, in perpetuity.

Note: It will never hit 0 because it DRIPs 2% from the day before, not the original price.

Describe it and Rate it

It’s important your customer know exactly what they are getting on a ReturnForSale. Rate it (ABCDF), write an issue description, post a photo of the issue if necessary.

Post a Product in 1 Minute or Less

We made it so simple. Because it connects to your listed products in a drop down format, it's fast and easy. It can also be done with the Shopify app by a warehouse worker with a mobile device where they can take a photo of the product displaying the issue (box, dirt, stain, tear, etc..)


The widget can be set by you wherever you want on the page, typically just below the cart and social tags. It links to it's own page to add to cart and checkout. Our support team can help with this, as it takes only about 3 minutes if you can read into your theme code.

The Widget only appears if you have a return for sale.


  • Set a custom Returns policy for your ReturnsForSale. Maybe no returns on a return.
  • Set multiple DRIP rate templates. Moderate, aggressive...
  • Set a custom Shopify collection where all will be directed so you can easily create a ‘ReturnsForSale’ Page or exclude your returns from discount codes so people can't 'double dip' on a discount.

Clean & Simple:

The app duplicates your XYZ product page, so all the info they need is right there. Our widget describes the return so it’s perfectly clear what they get. In Shopify, it names the product 'XYZ - Return For Sale'. Once sold, it disappears from Shopify. No mess.

Beyond Returns:

Use it for scratch & dent, Amazon returns, or even just liquidate slow movers. So easy and clean.

Let The Market Find The Price

Some shoppers won't buy used or a return, but everyone loves a discount. This app allows you to describe the return with clear detail to a discerning consumer knows exactly what they are getting.

Post in Bulk - Price Bounces Back Up

Example: Post 100 pieces of 1 SKU at 15% and 2% a day. As soon a sale at any volume happens, the price will bounce back up to the opening 15% discount and DRIP again.

We hope you love it and no longer need to look at that returns pile in the corner and cringe, or throw out inventory because it can’t be sold as new.

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5% of each sale

Overall rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 8 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Naked Armor ® Great Straight Razors For Men

Amazing app that allows me to sell all my open-box products and turn what used to be a loss into a win-win. Easy to install and manage.


This app has helped us sell customer returned items that we are unable to put back into our inventory as new condition. It is very easy to list these items and they show up on the original listing giving the customer an option to buy these items at a lower cost. So far it has been working just as well as listing them on eBay if not better!

Developer reply

March 4, 2020

Thanks for the review. Yes, part of the goal was to make it easier than eBay taking less than 1 minute to post, cheaper, and keep them on the site. I imagine Auto Parts get returned a little scuffed but perfectly fine, so ReturnsForSale seems like a great fit! So glad its working well for you!


It took my developer less than 5 minutes to install, but I thought it was totally automated. Otherwise, no complaints.
Perfect for us, as we get some items back that have been slightly used. We used to pile them up and hope to sell them at an event, we don't have a physical store to liquidate. This app makes it really easy to sell any return in any condition. Really well laid out and easy.
I also like that it removes it from the product list in shopify, makes it clean.
Highly recommend if you get returns that can't be sold as new!

Developer reply

February 24, 2020

Thanks for the review and feedback. We now have a video tutorial that is real simple to follow on installing the widget placement. We can't auto install because each theme is different and you can place it.
Access the 2 minute video under Settings -> Install Instructions.