Reveal: Increase your CLV

Reveal: Increase your CLV

Omniconvert SRL

Increase Lifetime Value with Customer Analytics & Segmentation

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Customer Value Optimization

Increase profitability: monitor & improve the Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Retention Rate, and Net Promoter Score.

Activate Your Power Customers

Automatically segment customers based on buying behavior & create personalized journeys via ads, emails & on your website.

Improve product assortment

Find the best & worst products that are churning your customers by monitoring NPS before & after delivery to find the expectation gap.

Reveal: Increase your CLV 정보

What's the use of acquiring customers that never come back?

REVEAL is a Customer Value Optimization Platform that helps you understand and predict your customers' behavior to improve what matters most: Customer Lifetime Value. We make complex data easy to understand & visualize, reveal insights and help you treat customer segments accordingly on every marketing channel.



Advanced Buying Behavior Segmentation (RFM)

Tag and segment customers based on buying behavior and value. Treat them differently throughout their journey.

Customer Value Optimization

Track and reward customers based on their lifetime spend. Identify your most valuable customers and convert the ones with high potential into your Power Customers.

Enhanced Email Marketing

Create advanced and highly personalized email flows and campaigns using our customer segmentation.

Lower Ad Spend

Use existing customer data for marketing and retargeting to bring back newly acquired customers with High Order Value or attract new audiences that are similar to your Power Customers.

Anticipate the next move

Predict when your customers will buy next. Accelerate time to next purchase for new customers and stimulate repeat buying behavior. Intervene in the customer journey to prevent churn.

Maximize your profits

Orchestrate highly targeted campaigns and email flows and through our integration with Klaviyo. Push pre-built audiences or create lookalikes to Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram, or email platform automatically. Or easily export feeds to your marketing channels of choice.

Track only what matters

No vanity metrics, no random numbers. Reveal tells you the story of how your customers saw you, liked you, wifed you and divorced you.


Buying Habits and Automated Segmentation

Automated RFM segmentation, buying habits, and cohort analysis help you understand, monitor and predict your customers' behavior and to design better experiences and personalized offers.

Customer Experience

Automated pre and post-purchase NPS surveys help monitor and use your customers' feedback for each interaction with your business.

Product Performance

Real-time product reports help you identify best and worst-performing items. Use REVEAL insights to improve product assortment and design more appealing offers for new and loyal customers.

Ecommerce Analytics

Measure what matters by focusing on the most important KPIs, which are calculated automatically. Spend less on processing data and focus on creating the best treatment for your customers.


Install Reveal to analyze customer behavior and get the right insights to design a growth strategy that makes you profitable.


  • Sendgrid,
  • Klaviyo,
  • Google Ads,
  • Facebook Ads,
  • Omniconvert Explore

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무료 설치

Access to limited features, no credit card required.

  • All your Key figures in one place - eCommerce Dashboard
  • Customer Analytics
  • Retention Tracking
  • RFM Segmentation
  • Fast email Support



또는 연당 $999 로 $83.25/월 청구

GROW plans start at $99 USD per month and increase with the store’s Annual Revenue. No credit card required for Trial.

  • All Features from START
  • Custom RFM Segments
  • Cohort Analysis
  • CRM
  • Product Performance
  • Buying Habits
  • Easily export data
  • Chat & eMail Support



또는 연당 $2,999 로 $249.92/월 청구

SCALE plans start at $299 USD per month and increase with the store’s Annual Revenue. No credit card required for Trial.

  • All from GROW
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • NPS Pre and Post-Purchase
  • Advanced chart generation
  • Integrations Klaviyo, Sendgrid and more
  • API Access

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가장 최근 리뷰

Strong Coffee Company

I love this app. At first, I was skeptical and honestly didn't expect much but I was blown away. The free version gives any starting business all the info they need to scale and help understand your customer's habits. The real benefit was when I hopped on a call with Oana who walked me through the entire platform and the additional benefits that it offers. She recorded the call and sent me the video file.. it was a lot of info but all worth it! Before you scale any product use Reveal first and make sure. The numbers don't lie!

Heidi Carey

Content 10/10. Customer Service 10/10. Strategic Value 10/10. Incredibly smart, nice, easy to work with people and a killer App. What more is there to say?

Prince Edward Island Preserve Company

The data insights from using this app are phenomenal. Customer service is top-notch and their team's desire to see you succeed is so refreshing. Highly recommend it if you wish to learn more about your customers' journey and how to turn those who are going to 'dump' you into 'soulmates.'