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  • Automatically import Shopify listings into Reverb
  • Keep inventory between Shopify and Reverb in sync
  • Only one place to manage listing data

About this app

The Reverb Shopify Sync app will bring your Shopify listings to life on Reverb.com. You can selectively avoid syncing certain items, if you like, and sync automatically or on demand (when you save a product).

Please contact shopify@reverb.com if you need help installing or using the app.

Reverb reviews

6 reviews
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This is a great app for what it does. It saves a huge amount of time for us on posting products from our shopify store to reverb which we wouldn't be able to do without this app.

Things it does great:
- link up products
- easily exclude products from the sync
- link up content (descriptions, images, pricing)

Why it's a 4 star, instead of 5 to me - the app does not synrchonize orders (or at least from what I can tell. Here's where the problem lies with this. If someone purchases something in reverb, it syncs the quantity (or doesn't have to - your choice) in shopify. This sounds all good, except that all we know is the number went down, but not that there was an actual purchase made. The challenge is with inventory management technologies... since most of them don't work with reverb out of the box, they can't tell that there was a sale and only that shopify is trying to change the inventory quantity. We found a workaround for this, but requires a couple other technologies to make this happen.

For a basic integration, this is amazing. For a fully integrated solution, you may need a bit of help getting everything squared away.


It is a great App, and I love selling on Reverb. I had to uninstall it for now, as it was bringing over way too many out of stock and discontinued products... i need to solve my inventory issues on the site, and will then re-install this app--I recommend it highly


Whoever you guys had make this app for you should be given a high five immediately. Seamless, quick, not buggy, clear directions for tech nerds and noobs alike :)


Great app, incredible support. There were some things I wish I had known at the start of using Shopify and the Reverb app that would have saved a lot of time (like how to use tagging properly to sync with Reverb) but that was changed pretty quickly by the help of Shopify bulk editor and Reveb's staff (Aabesh was particularly fantastic). There are some annoying repetitive tasks, like having to add a tag to specify profiles shipping for each, which would be better if they could be assigned to a default instead of none at all. But, saved TONS of time already, and already made a $2000 sale within a hour of using the app to list an item that has been sitting in the store for 6 months that should have been listed but wasn't because of the time involved. If anyone has questions feel free to reach out to us at ishguitars.com. Thanks Reverb - now make a Reverb Channel for Shopify!


Thank goodness for this app! Saves me so much time from posting on Reverb! Recommended!!



We do a ton of business on Reverb.com and their app is excellent! Keeps our inventory in sync between Reverb and Shopify automatically, pushes listings from Shopify to Reverb. The dev team at Reverb is constantly expanding functionality of the app, and their support team has been phenomenal! Highly recommend the app to anyone using Shopify and Reverb.


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