Product Reviews & Ratings

Product Reviews & Ratings

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Boost Sales with Product Reviews & Ratings, Social Proof & UGC

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Collect & Showcase Reviews

Automatically collect customer reviews via on-site widget form or email. Showcase reviews with style through our fully customizable widget.

Build Trust & Sell More

Customer reviews bring you visibility (SEO), credibility and notoriety. All this to increase trust & boost your conversion rate!

Premium Installation & Support

Simple and quick installation, manual or automatic. Our 24/7 support is ready to help you and guide you in your success.

Sobre Product Reviews & Ratings

What is Reviewer: Reviews & UGC?

Reviewer is an easy-to-use & powerfull marketing solution designed specifically for brands on Shopify to help them collect reviews, manage them and showcase customer reviews with style.

With Reviewer, implement a customer strategy by leveraging the voice of your happy customers: Reviews, ratings and evaluations left on your products (UGC) are powerful social proofs that you need to highlight to generate more growth! More reviews, more customers!

The benefits of customer reviews are plentiful.

Start driving sales now with Reviewer to improve your conversion rate, organic traffic (SEO), customer trust and engagement.

Who is Reviewer designed for?

Reviewer is designed for all merchants on Shopify, from the small e-commerce site that decides to take it to the next level, to the highest-performing brand that needs a powerful and easy-to-use customer review solution.

Our goal: to support your growth and your marketing strategy related to customer reviews of your happy customers.

What can you do with Reviewer?

  • Collect reviews, ratings and feedback from your customers
  • Increase your conversion rate, trust, organic traffic (SEO) through reviews
  • Start building a community with your brand ambassadors and reviewers
  • Make better strategic decisions with powerful analysis of your customers' feedback and customer reviews.
  • Share your customers' best content on social media (Instagram and Facebook)

Customizable to fit your brand design!

We have made Reviewer highly customizable to enhance your brand design, including :

  • Product reviews' widget
  • Ratings & stars of product reviews

Start with Reviewer in a few clicks :

  1. You choose: Use our automatic installation or simply follow our tutorial with a simple copy and paste of one single line of code to install Reviewer. You can also contact us directly and we will do it for you.
  2. Feel free to ask us if you want to import existing customer reviews.

Don't hesitate any longer and start collecting your first customer reviews now to get your brand off the ground!

Bonus: Reviewer is free to help you in this period.

(Support available in EN/FR : in English for our international customers and in french (français) for our customers based in France)

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4.7 de 5 estrelas

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melynas Leinenbettwäsche

Unfortunately, customer support does not reply. Unfortunately, customer support does not reply. Unfortunately, customer support does not reply.


I Love this app and how cute it is with my theme. BUT customer service absolutely sucks I have been trying to reach out by email and their customer service chat button for two days and I get no answers or reply's I'm not sure what they are doing but I still need help with importing my reviews and no one is there to help me and I'm planning on launching my website within 2 or 3 business days hopefully someone can help me then or I might have to get rid of this app. Please improve your customer service on EMAIL AND CHAT (BOTH ENDS)

The App is great, it's free and quite attractive. I only wish if customers can submit photos of the product too along with the review. I thank the team for their quick response when I asked for help.