VerifiedCan Get Video Reviews

VerifiedCan Get Video Reviews

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Auto-Collect & Leverage customers reviews. Video, Image & Text

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Video Reviews Converts Better

Turn your customer content into sales by collecting and leveraging reviews. Video, Image & text reviews are easy for your customer to submit

Social Proof Drive More Sales

People tend to do what others do! Showing Personalized Messages to the Right People at the Right Time drive more sales & convert visitors

Boost Trust & Gain Shop Profit

Constantly increase shop your profit with advanced tools to properly attract visitors, generate their confidence and conversion

À propos de VerifiedCan Get Video Reviews

Let your customers record a video review or take a snapshot image in one click

Automate your Shop Reviews & Social Proof to Boost Conversions

Verified Can Skyrocket Your Shop Reviews in one click!

All type of reviews including site boosters.

Social Proof

Make your site feel more human by displaying Social Proof. People are always influenced by the actions and recommendations of others. It’s a powerful marketing tool that can dramatically increase your sales and conversions. Implement it into your strategy with the help of VerifiedCan. Display different Social Proof notifications - latest conversions, customer reviews, conversions counter, and more!

Customer Retention

Trigger your clients based on their behavior by displaying retention campaigns. Maintain customers and make them loyal using advanced technologies and progressive interface. It allows you to collect full statistics, analyze each campaign, and build a retaining strategy. Learn how your visitors and customers behave and show them the right messages based on the funnel stage they're in.

Leads Capture

Generate more leads by displaying different leads capture forms. Improve your funnel and drive your customers to the next funnel stage with the help of micro-conversions. VerifiedCan has a variety of different lead forms that will capture users' attention and this way increases engagement. Easily customize your form, decide where and when to show it and activate it in minutes.

Information Notifications

Build trust and activate urgency with the help of information notifications. Show important information like new content, the refund policy and more or display promotional sales to activate the FOMO effect. Build strong relationships with customers and deeply analyze their behavior with advanced tools. Organize all processes starting from displaying a notification to optimizing sales funnel using VerifiedCan smart interface.

Why Use VerifiedCan?

  • A user-friendly interface to display notifications on your Funnels.
  • Grab visitors' attention, generate qualified leads, and retain customers.
  • Collect visitors' data, get detailed statistics about each campaign, and build your sales funnel strategy like a marketing pro.
  • Improve your funnel by implementing Social Proof & FOMO on your site. Upgrade and control each step of the customer journey.

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  • 5 Campaigns
  • 50 Review Requests
  • 1000 Impressions/month
  • All Campaigns Enabled


$9.95 par mois

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 100 Review Requests/month
  • 10000 Impressions /month
  • All Campaigns Enabled


$14.95 par mois

  • 50,000 Impressions /month
  • 500 Review Requests /month
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • All Campaigns Enabled
  • Removable branding

Pro Plus

$29.95 par mois

  • 500,000 Impressions /month
  • 5,000 Review Requests /month
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • All Campaigns Enabled
  • Removable branding

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** Les frais récurrents, y compris les frais mensuels ou les frais d'utilisation, sont facturés tous les 30 jours.

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