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Review Companion

Review Companion

Developed by Inspira Digital Ltd

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  • Easily increase product reviews on your store. Leading to higher Conversion
  • Supports any onsite review service including Shopify Product Reviews App
  • Takes customers direct to product and review section on the product page


After some deliberation on the future of the app we have decided not to mothball Review Companion and to continue developing and supporting the app. As a result of this we are now changing and upgrading the servers and app core. This will allow us to bring a number of improvements and new features to all users going forward, it will also mean we can support the new version going forward.


The app has now been moved across to it's new home, please contact us if you have any issues with the current version.

  • Extends functionality of the Product Reviews App by Shopify - sending review requests is one of the most requested functions

  • Email review invites in bulk - with single click send hundreds of invites

  • Increases review submission conversion - Links for reviews take the customer direct to the product and scrolls to the review section of the product page

  • Works with any review app or service - even if currently not supported by Shopify Apps

If your using the Shopify Product Reviews App it even opens the submit review form when the user hits the page

What is Review Companion?

A simple Shopify app that works in tandem with any existing review app you have installed in your store.

What does it do?

It creates a quick and simple way to bulk email customers a link back to products on your store, thus encouraging more reviews. If you’re using the Shopify Product Reviews App it even opens the submit review form for the customer.

How will it help?

Product Reviews are a key factor when potential clients evaluate buying a product online, encouraging customers to review your products will lead to increased conversion.

Can I brand It?

Yes you can :) the email template that gets sent out can be edited allowing you to change the message and add your logo.

Is installation easy

Yes, if you can copy/paste and click a button, your good to go :)

Upcoming Features Based On Beta User Feedback

  • Ability to sort and filter the order list (target specific orders/SKU purchases etc)

  • Ability to edit email layout/CSS

  • Ability to edit email subject line

  • Tracking stats - ability to add Google Analytics tracking to the product URLs

  • Scheduled emails - x days post - purchase or fulfillment.

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Review Companion reviews (25)


Terrible support. While the app was working, it was good. The app stopped working mid August 2016 and as of Sept 12 2016 it is still not working. I set up a ticket with inspira, but no one has contacted me about the issue.


support is not the best, but for me the apps work.



Just stops working and customer service is unresponsive.


Terrible support and the app hardly functions. I'd definitely advise against using this.


stopped working not recommended


I like the app but there are a couple changes that probably need to be made. You can only edit the first paragraph of the email sent. There is no space between the two paragraphs so it looks a bit strange. Another reviewer mentioned not being able to change the subject.


The app was great until it stopped working. I cannot see order past a certain date, contacted the people twice, and still no response.


This app could be great, i just wish it had the option to change the subject of the email. Right now it says "Dear valued customer" and there is no way to edit it.


App seems promising. However, support will not respond to our emails.


I can't see all the orders in the list. How to repair this?



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