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The developer doesn't provide customization tools to fit your theme. They also don't provide a clarification if this free app will keep the same features as the paid versions in the future. Further more, in my case this app only shows brick & mortar store reviews and not merchant reviews. Although the developer is technically very capable, it is a shame this should end like this after spending hours advising for the design and user experience.

Cymbal House
We Do The Stuff 已回覆 2021年3月31日

We are sorry you feel this way and thank you for this opportunity to address some of the points you made.

The app comes with two different options one is a badge that shows your reviews from your GMB account, and the second from your Google merchant center which using the standard look.

Any merchant that requested a customization to make it look more fit for the shop just needs to ask and we happily change the appearance of the badge if it's possible.  

If the app will ever have a paid version, all of the current features will remain free (and also some new features that are now being developed).

Again thank you for trying our app and we wish you all the best.