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12. Februar 2024

Ran into a few errors when importing reviews but the biggest thing is they charged me $99 even though I canceled and deleted the application....

Variety + Comfort
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Innovation Labs. hat geantwortet 21. Februar 2024

Hi there! Thanks for your feedback. I have sent you a message on your email. Please reach out to me so I can resolve this for you.


15. Februar 2024

Rochelle was excellent with her customer service provided.

31. Dezember 2023

Reviews seem to be legit. I am happy that there is finally a legit review app to use with my Shopify store. I would recommend this app. I only gave 4 stars as it is a little expensive comparatively.

The Family Blender Clothing
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20 tage mit der App
4. Dezember 2023

I would recommend this to others because, although expensive, is very helpful

Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein monat mit der App
28. Januar 2024

App charged me $99 after canceling the trial. Tried making this work with SPocket but couldn't, so I uninstalled it and tried reinstalling it. AliScraper didn't work on SPocket and this app wouldn't import reviews with 1-click as advertised - you have to manually enter each link to each product to get reviews. The whole experience was a debacle. I will try to get a refund and if I am successful, I will change my review to 5 stars for good customer service.

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Ein tag mit der App
Innovation Labs. hat geantwortet 30. Januar 2024

Hi there. I sent you a message via the email you provided. You may reach out to me at so I can resolve this for you.


15. Januar 2024

recomendaria eta aplicasion por que es genial tanto como puedes jenerar ingresos y aprender a habrir tu propio negocio

My Store
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2 tage mit der App
22. Januar 2024

removed the app and they still tried charging me

Pet Palooza
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Ein tag mit der App
Innovation Labs. hat geantwortet 29. Januar 2024

Hi there! I have reached out to you via email. For me to assist you, please reach out to me at


23. Oktober 2023

Very nice to get and import reviews

3 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 26. Oktober 2023

I recently had the opportunity to experience the outstanding customer service provided by the RPro - Product& Ali review app, and I am thrilled to share my positive feedback. The customer service team in my case "Rochelle" has truly showcased their commitment to saving lives and assisting customers in an efficient and empathetic manner.

From the moment I began to struggle Rochelle reached out and offered her assistance, With professionalism and kindness. The customer service representative I spoke with was not only knowledgeable about the app's features and functionalities but also demonstrated a genuine willingness to go above and beyond to address my concerns.

What truly stood out to me was the swift response time. The RPro app customer service team wasted no time in addressing my queries and ensuring that I received the necessary information promptly. Their dedication to providing timely assistance showcases their understanding of the importance of time when it comes to related issues.

Furthermore, the RPro app customer service team displayed exceptional empathy. They understood the urgency and sensitivity of the matter at hand and approached it with compassion and understanding, instantly putting me at ease. Knowing that I was being heard and cared for during a potentially stressful situation made all the difference in my experience.

In addition to their exceptional customer service skills,They were able to guide me through any technical difficulties I encountered with the app seamlessly, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

Overall, my encounter with the RP ro app customer service team was truly life-saving. Their professionalism, efficiency, empathy, and technical know-how set them apart and made me feel valued as a customer. I am incredibly grateful for their exceptional service and would highly recommend the RP ro app to anyone in need of reliable and compassionate review team.

Thank you, RPro -Product & Ali Reviewsapp customer service team, for the exceptional care and assistance you provided. Your commitment to life-saving customer service is truly praiseworthy, and I am confident that many others will benefit from your outstanding support in the future.

LW Country Hers!
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Etwa 2 monate mit der App
17. November 2023

This app is a complete scam. It works like crap and when I uninstalled it they charged me $50 anyway without my consent. Trash!

Riverstone Express
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2 tage mit der App
Innovation Labs. hat geantwortet 29. Januar 2024

Hi there! I have reached out to you via email. For me to assist you, please reach out to me at