Multi Tier Rewards Bar

Multi Tier Rewards Bar

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Increase your average order value with a simple reward system.

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Increase AOV

Increase Average Order Value by enticing customers to add more to their cart, to unlock a bigger reward.

Reward your Customers

Clear communication on how to unlock the next reward. Banner follows customers as they shop, allowing them to visualize their next goal.

Simple and Easy to Use

No coding required! A single click to install. Easy to use as the merchant, and easy to understand as the customer.

关于 Multi Tier Rewards Bar

Do you want your Customers to start purchasing bigger carts?

  • The Rewards Bar convinces your customers to do just that! It does this by enticing them to add more items to their cart, by rewarding them when they do!

The Rewards Bar makes sense to your customers

  • The Rewards Bar will follow your customers throughout your store, subtilty convincing them to create bigger carts. Which in turn means more $$ for you, the merchant!

Are you sick of overly complicated apps that don't work?

  • Well this one requires no coding at all and installs with a single click of a button!
  • It's easy to use as the merchant.
  • Incredibly easy to understand as the customer.
  • And the customers rewards are automatically applied at the checkout.

Worried the Rewards Bar will not fit with your websites style?

  • You can adjust the Reward Bar color scheeme to match any theme, so don't worry!

Motivate your customers with the following types of rewards

  • Percentage off the sale.
  • Fixed dollar amount.
  • Free shipping.




Free Plan


  • Adjust the qualifying spend for each reward tier.
  • Three different reward types to choose from.
  • Easily turn the 'Rewards Bar' on and off.

Custom Styles


  • All of the 'Free Plan' features.
  • Ability to customize the style of the rewards bar to further fit your theme.

* 所有费用均以美元结算。 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

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