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RewardStream Referrals

RewardStream Referrals

Developed by RewardStream

Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 60 days More info
  • Our Refer-a-friend programs have delivered more than $400 million in new business for our clients.
  • Simple to configure and manage; sophisticated enough for very large enterprises
  • Our experienced client team help you every step of the way and provide ongoing accessible support and success.

Why RewardStream?

RewardStream was one of the early pioneers in referral marketing, and we have built, launched and managed referral programs for some of the largest brands in North America. And now, our platform is available for Shopify!

We provide a scalable referral marketing platform for companies of any size. Organizations including Sprint, TELUS, W Concept, and Envision Financial trust RewardStream for their referral programs. We make it easy for marketers to design, launch and manage multiple referral campaigns with flexible rewards. We offer easy to use tools to build and measure your program. And, for enterprises, we offer unparalleled scalability, security and dedicated account management staff and support options.

Why a referral program?

Referral marketing is a powerful and essential part of any marketing program. As consumers are hit with more and more marketing messages, you need something that will cut through the noise out there. The one thing we know, is that people trust people they know. In fact:

  • Customers are 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend. (Nielsen)
  • 72% of consumers have made a purchase on the recommendation of a friend. (Google Surveys)

  • 52% of consumers have made a referral to a friend or family member that resulted in a purchase. (Google Surveys)

  • 88% of marketers believe that referrals are the best way to acquire new customers. (Demand Metric)

Your customers will refer their friends to you

92% of consumers trust their friends more than marketing and advertising. Let them do the work for you. Enable your customers to refer their friends to you right from within your online shopping experience.

  • Referrals by email (including integrations with Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook.com), social media streams like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS/Text.

  • Fully mobile optimized ensures that referrals can happen wherever your customers are.

  • Multiple reward options including discounts, virtual credit cards, gift cards, points and more.

Build a referral program for your online store in minutes

Our referral programs start at $0 per month plus commission, making it easy for you to get started. Best of all, we can scale big-time. Our platform works today for small and large stores alike.

Install our app, spin up your referral program, and RewardStream ensures that referrals are sent, performance is tracked, and rewards are delivered.

Your referral widget appears right within your shopping experience, keeping your customers on your site, and prompting them for referrals when they happy and ready to refer.

Automatically issue single-use discount codes without you having to import or manage anything new in your store. We ensure your advocates are rewarded as soon as their friends make a purchase with you. We take care of notifications and even issue the rewards.

Want to offer something different than discounts? We can issue prepaid virtual and physical credit cards as rewards, or help you tie into your existing points reward systems.

We work with your Shopify Plus store

We were built for scale. In fact, some of our customers add millions of dollars of new customer sales each month through our refer-a-friend solution. You can launch your referral program with RewardStream and have the confidence to know that we can handle your volume as you grow!

In addition, we know how busy you are. As you need it, our experts will guide you, and set your referral program up for you. We’ll manage it, ensure your customer’s privacy and monitor for fraud.


RewardStream Referrals works for any Shopify store!

You'll need to let your customers to register an Account on your store to make referrals.

How to get started

  • Install the RewardStream Shopify plugin.

  • Choose your service plan

  • The RewardStream system will connect your store to your referral program running on our secure and scalable software - ensuring no impact to the performance of your store.

  • You provide images and text to build your referral program landing pages and emails (we have great examples and easy to use templates).

  • You decide on the rewards you want to offer.

  • You launch.

  • Your customers start referring.

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From $0.00 / month

Service plans start at $0 per monthly plus commission on the first sale from each referred customer. We have great business plans that lower your commissions as your program grows.

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