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RewardStream Referrals

RewardStream Referrals

Developed by RewardStream

9 reviews
Price: From $400.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Reward your advocates (and their friends) with $, % discounts or free shipping
  • Automatically track successful referrals and only issue rewards when referrals generate sales
  • Easy to set up your own rewards and campaign content for desktop, mobile or tablet

Why RewardStream?

RewardStream was one of the early pioneers in referral marketing. We have built, launched and managed referral programs for some of the largest brands in North America and now, our platform is available for Shopify!

  • Grow your Shopify store revenue with customer referrals

  • Encourage your customers to refer right from within your store

  • Reward with discounts ($ or %) or free shipping when successful referrals occur (upgrade to our business plan for more reward options)
  • Install with a 15-day trial

  • Get access to live customer support and assistance with spinning up your own referral program

  • Choose your own rewards

  • Automate the process of delivering rewards to your advocates

  • Make use of our easy campagn templates

  • Get up and running today

We provide a scalable referral marketing platform for medium to large businessess. Organizations including Sprint, TELUS, W Concept, and Envision Financial trust RewardStream for their referral programs. We make it easy for marketers to design, launch and manage multiple referral campaigns with flexible rewards. We offer easy to use tools to build and measure your program. And, for enterprises, we offer unparalleled scalability, security and dedicated account management staff and support options.

Why a referral program?

Referral marketing is a powerful and essential part of any marketing strategy. As consumers are hit with more and more marketing messages, you need something that will cut through the noise. The one thing we know, is that people trust people they know. In fact:

  • Customers are 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend (Nielsen)
  • 72% of consumers have made a purchase on the recommendation of a friend (Google Surveys)

  • 52% of consumers have made a referral to a friend or family member that resulted in a purchase (Google Surveys)

  • 88% of marketers believe that referrals are the best way to acquire new customers (Demand Metric)

Your customers will refer their friends to you

92% of consumers trust their friends more than marketing and advertising. Let them do the work for you. Enable your customers to refer their friends to you right from within your online shopping experience through the channels they use every day.

  • Referrals by email (including integrations with Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook.com), social media streams like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS/Text.

  • Fully mobile optimized ensures that referrals can happen wherever your customers are.

  • Multiple reward options including discounts, virtual credit cards, gift cards, points and more.

Build a referral program for your online store in minutes

We can scale as your program scales.

Install our app, spin up your referral program, and RewardStream ensures that referrals are sent, performance is tracked, and rewards are delivered.

Your referral widget appears right within your shopping experience, keeping your customers on your site, and prompting them for referrals when they happy and ready to refer.

Automatically issue single-use discount codes without you having to import or manage anything new in your store. We ensure your advocates are rewarded as soon as their friends make a purchase with you. We take care of email notifications and even issue the rewards.

Want to offer something different than discounts? We can issue prepaid virtual and physical credit cards as rewards, or help you tie into your existing points reward systems.

We work with your Shopify Plus store

We were built for scale. In fact, some of our customers add millions of dollars of new customer sales each month through our refer-a-friend solution. You can launch your referral program with RewardStream and have the confidence to know that we can handle your volume as you grow!

In addition, we know how busy you are. As you need it, our experts will guide you, and set your referral program up for you. We’ll manage it, ensure your customer’s privacy and monitor for fraud.


RewardStream Referrals works for all Shopify stores,

You'll need to get your customers to register an Account on your store to make referrals.

How to get started

  • Install the RewardStream Shopify plugin.

  • Decide on the rewards you want to offer.

  • Launch your referral campaign.

NOTE: RewardStream Referrals requires Accounts to be enabled (or at least Optional) on your store.

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RewardStream Referrals reviews

9 reviews
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it's $400 AND 4% commission/month.. I think most people will prefer to comission someone to make their own unique program for that kind of dough


Awesome app that works perfectly. Absolutely love it!


It lacks simplicity and common sense. Too many steps to generate a campaign.


Very easy to set up and customize!


I have to say, this is support that our customers expect from us. Quick, accurate and friendly. I really am very happy to recommend them, even just for the support.

But on top of that, the app itself is very much worth looking into. Not only do they only charge for actual sales (they have a no monthly charge option) it is working exactly as it should.
Simple landing page design, same as Shopify themes, nice dashboard and I like the fact that you can pre-cook the emails and ads for your referrers. Help them along nicely.

All in all, very happy with the app and especially with the service.


Saw that International Day of Friendship was a week away and decided to run a referral promotion. Used RewardStream and got it done the same day.

Still have the Refer a Friend button on my site and it works!


WOW... extremely well designed and powerful referral app! Not sure why RewardStream has currently only two reviews. Probably just became available on Shopify. I've tried several other referral apps last week (some of them were $200/mo to get the customization options I need) and had to cancel them due to lack of basic functions that I need. We have $50/mo plan and It allows us to customize almost everything - floating button, landing page, various emails, etc.

I spent less than an hour and our program is up and running. Had a few questions, and the support is stellar as well.

Note that they charge a small fee based on the referral sale amount (the plan we've chosen).

Ovealll, highly recommend.



Great referral app that's easy to install & set-up. The RewardStream team has been very helpful and supportive.


Amazing support from the RewardStream team. Thanks to the team for helping me get set up.

From $400.00 / month

Service plans start at $400 monthly plus commission on the first sale from each referred customer. We have additional enterprise plans that lower your commissions as your program grows.

View our pricing plans here.

15 days

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