Right Click Defender

Right Click Defender

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Protects Your Shop's Images & Text By Disabling Right Click

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Protects your Images & Text!

The ONLY app that has BOTH image protection & text protection all-in-one. By disabling right click, we stop content thieves in their tracks!

Keeps Your Store Unique!

You'll have peace of mind knowing your photos, product descriptions, and blog articles aren't being copied by others. Our app works 24/7 ;-)

Block Spammers

Our app prevents people from pasting into forms. This prevents spamming and attacks from untrustworthy users, increasing your site's safety!

Acerca de Right Click Defender

Right Click Defender stops people from copying your photos! Our app prevents ANY image or text from being copied on your entire website (by disabling right click functionality, highlighting, & copying). Helps protect your store’s images & text from being stolen from thieves.

The ONLY Shopify app that actually protects BOTH your images & text (combined all in one!) for a super saver deal! Our app also increases your site’s safety by blocking spammers & bots from attacking your forms

Why Right Click Defender?

Right Click Defender beats the competition. Here’s why:

Functionality: Disables right click so people can’t steal your images or text

Customizable: Toggle features on & off, with one click

Performance: Works perfectly on desktop, mobile or tablet!

All-in-One: Save money by buying an app that does it all! Other apps only protect images, but we protect BOTH images & text

How can Right Click Defender help your business?

  1. Protects your Photos from content thieves
  2. Gives you peace of mind that your content can’t be stolen
  3. Prevents spammers from pasting into your webform
  4. Safeguards your product listings from copycats
  5. Protects your blog posts from plagiarists
  6. Shields your Product names & descriptions from being reproduced

Disable Right Click on your Store

Right Click Defender is the best way to keep your images & text out of the hands of copycats

Our app defends your website’s content around the clock & stops content thieves in their tracks!

Keep your Store Safe from Content Thieves!

We understand that you don’t want your hard work to be stolen.

You’ve spent a long time creating the perfect product descriptions & taking the best photos

Right Click Defender is the perfect solution, so protect your content today!


  • One click installation!
  • Instantly generates the code that will protect your images & text
  • Customers can shop & add products to cart, without any interruptions
  • No design/coding knowledge necessary
  • Protects against copyright infringement!
  • Daily updates means your images & text are always protected!
  • Easily turn any features On or OFF depending on your needs
  • Disables right click on images
  • Disables image dragging & dropping
  • Disables the right click menu on images
  • Prevents text highlighting
  • Prevents copying & cutting on selected text
  • Disables pasting into form fields (fights spammers!)
  • Works great on all desktops
  • 100% mobile friendly!
  • Improves safety of your shop’s content
  • Instant Photo Protection
  • Help Center
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Fast & Friendly 24/7 Customer Support

Email us anytime & we promise to get back to you within 24 hours. We often reply in just a couple minutes!

Updated Regularly ;-)

Unlike other apps, our code will never break your site.


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  • Protects all Photos & Text from being copied by disabling right click
  • 24/7 Fast & Friendly Customer Support
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I really love this app! The customer support is 100% AMAZING and highly recommend them. :) If you're considering getting this...don't hesitate. Worked immediately after installing. Thank you so much and I love this app!


Its a great app to disable right clicks on the website. The support team is also very helpful and quick to respond to questions.