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Online Ring Sizer (FREE)

Online Ring Sizer (FREE)

Developed by FindMyRingSize

10 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Eliminate wrong size returns
  • Keep your customers in the "Checkout Flow"
  • Custom Branding at - http://Retailers.FindMyRingSize.com

On Display Ring Sizer

FindMyRingSize is a unique On Display Ring Sizer.
Our unique technology offers a simple, reliable and highly accurate solution for online jewelry customers to find their ring size. It's an intuitive process, which takes less than a minute.

- Eliminate wrong size returns.

- Keep your customers in the "Checkout Flow"

- Convert hesitating visitors to confident customers

- No more printing inaccurate ring sizer - It's Green!

For custom branding visit: Retailers.FindMyRingSize.com

Online Ring Sizer (FREE) reviews

10 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

No use. this app sucks. not useful at all. it redirects to another website which is not recommendable


Note- This app may may not be suitable for everyone, just wasnt for me

1. This is just Adding a link you your Page that clicking on "find my size" leads to another website. ITS NOT AN APP.
I can create my own Link leading to an embeded page (external website in my websites page) of their website, without having to install this app "cough", ITS JUST A LINK.
2. the visual pink circle sizes, DONT help me find the right size. there are other easier ways to get the size.
3. REALLY annoying is when you hover your mouse over the pink circles opens a giant mouse-over flash windows with "Share you Ring size + social button" . you can accidentally click on them.


This APP is a valued tool if you have if you own a jewellery store!


This was a horrible app for me. My business is jewelry and when the customer clicked on the button to activate the app, the pages were filled with ads for other jewelry websites! Additionally, there were way too many ads and made my site look unprofessional and cheap. I immediately removed it but had to call Shopify customer support to help complete the removal of code that was embedded into my site and wouldn't go away after I removed the app. I would give this app zero stars if it was an option.


For a paid app, this has too much advertising on it.


I love this app. It's a must have if you own a jewellery store! It's really easy to set up and to use.


A must app for jewelry store owners


Wow...its a really helpful software for my site, i was looking for it..love it


LOVE this app! It's a must have. Super easy to install and looks very clean and professional in your store. Many button style options and placement positions to choose from. Easy for the buyer to use which is ENORMOUSLY helpful for buyers who don't know their ring size or want to double check. Will greatly reduce returns and exchanges for incorrect ring size. Thank you for providing such a useful app for free!


So good for my website, very easy to install and a accurate ring size-standard.


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