Rise: Gift Cards & Loyalty

Rise: Gift Cards & Loyalty

by Rise.ai

Launch a Loyalty Program w/ Store Credit, Referrals & Rewards

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There were some customer service issues that slowed down our launch -- asked a couple of times to remove our review. But transparency is an important thing in consumer trust. The customer service wasn't great in the beginning but it got better... the team at Gift Wizard diligently worked with us to get everything up and running the past few weeks. Upped to 3 star.



Since writing my 1 star review just a few days ago, I have received 2 emails asking me to change/delete my review. Instead, I am changing my rating from 1 star to 3 stars. Regarding my issue on not responding to my email, they kept telling me that they were "too busy". Not my problem, and to be CLEAR, i was mad that he responded to my email 2 days after I sent it, not answering any of my questions. They did offer me a free subscription or something of that nature which I do not want since I found another app that only costs $7 a month and they set everything up for me just hours after installing it. I appreciate the offers, but asking someone to delete their review is unfair and to be honest pretty unprofessional.. And using the same "too busy" excuse over & over again is annoying. Maybe this app is good for other businesses but it's just not for me. This is how I feel, this is my opinion. Everyone has a different opinion. I would appreciate it if I did not receive any more emails after this.

This review is for their horrendous customer service. I downloaded the app and am so confused about pricing, what the app offers and how it works. I figured I would just get the app then email them asking my questions since everyone says they are "sooo great with helping" ya right. I emailed Ari, asked 3 different questions and he responded a day later (which is way too long to wait) literally not answering any of them. I told him to re read my email and answer my questions since you literally didn't answer any of them. Now i have not heard back since. So annoyed since I wanted to get the gift cards out and on the site for holiday season. But now i am just going to cancel this overpriced app and download another one I have found. I wouldnt be surprised if i got a response to my email tomorrow after they see this review. over the app. 1 star is too much.

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*Rating based purely on customer service*

UPDATE 2/29/2016:
I was contacted by the GiftWizard team and they installed the app today. I considered removing my review but I chose to change my rating instead because I believe transparency is important in any business and people should chose this app based on the overall experience and not just one bad experience. At the time of this writing the app is working well and I have no issues with it.

Original review 2/26/2016:
This is a review purely based on customer service. I downloaded this app last week. I sent 2 emails last week asking for help with the app. no response. a week later i get an email apologizing and asking if I still need help. I reply this morning asking for help once again. Its the end of the day and not a response. Never got an opportunity to use the app so i don't know if its good. I'm removing it.


This app does not work, is not supported, and should not be used. Developers claim a version 2 is on the way, but in the meantime they have dropped all support of the current version and should remove the app from the store.

Edit: I've revised this review from 1 star to 3. The development team contacted me after the original review and were quick explain that a breakdown in communication had occurred and the app was indeed supported and functional. They promptly installed the app and worked with me in testing it.

Sadly, the app has a number of fairly serious bugs, all of which could have been overcome, I think. But the app requires us to manually input shipping addresses one line at a time (you can't even copy/paste the entire address). We do enough volume that the idea of manually inputting shipping addresses for fulfillment is unthinkable. The app seems designed for use by stores who do very small volume. We do anywhere from 100s to 1000s of orders a week and Gift Wizard in its current state has no means to support that kind of business.

I'll certainly be interested in taking another look if the shipping address issue and other bugs are addressed.