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Automatic Purchase Orders

Creating purchase orders for your blank items used to take hours…now you can get them done in minutes.

Single Piece Workflow

Other software in the decoration industry is build for large purchase orders. We have created barcode system made for single order workflow

Shipping Made For You

Generate shipping labels for all of your orders, and automatically send tracking numbers to your customers.

Über Riverr

About Riverr: Print on Demand Workflow Software

Partner with the only print on demand workflow app for your apparel business.

We know that the struggle is real when it comes to your Print On Demand Workflow. It is not easy keeping track of individual orders and customizations that your customers are expecting from you. With Riverr, we want to let you know that you no longer need to be superman on the production floor in order for your business to run well. After implementing Riverr, we will help you raise your efficiency and simultaneously take away all that stress you are holding. Take advantage of our inventory management, barcode workflows, automatic PO generation, and shipping software. It will be the best decision you’ll make this year.

With Riverr, you get:

  • A Workflow Made For POD: Our software pulls all of the items from your orders and creates a list of items that need to be fulfilled. You can choose how to batch the items from there: All toddlers? Sure. One popular image? Definitely. Only white shirts? Yup.
  • Instant Purchase Orders: Once your listings are synced with our system, Riverr will automatically start to place items from orders into a purchase order that you can send directly from the dashboard.
  • Inventory Management based on blanks: The age-old question for POD sellers: how do I manage my inventory separate from my listings? Now you can.
  • Discounted Shipping Labels: We integrate directly with EasyPost, giving you the ability to generate shipping labels right from the app.
  • Fulfillment Options: We know that it is important to have options if you get overwhelmed with orders or even just need a break. With a click of a button, you can send specific orders directly to us, and we will send them out under your brand.
  • Automatic Image Processing: Riverr will use the settings it is given to automatically process your production images for your Brother or Epson printers, meaning all you have to do is scan and print.

How does Riverr work? Here’s how Riverr’s workflow services work:

  1. You connect your Shopify store with Riverr. Your Products will then automatically be imported into your Riverr account.
  2. You sync your products to the correct blank items and add your production files.
  3. Let the software do the rest! Now you can send your POs, create batches, check inventory, and generate shipping labels.

Connecting Riverr with your Shopify store is easy:

  1. Create your Riverr and Shopify accounts.
  2. Click the “Add app” button at the top of this page and follow the steps
  3. Add and sync your Riverr products
  4. Set up your billing and shipping, and you’re done!

Our story

Riverr was having the same issues you were in 2020. We decided we would do something about it, and that was when Riverr was born!

Integriert mit

  • Etsy,
  • Sanmar,
  • S&S Activewear,
  • EasyPost



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Basic Plan

Kostenlose Installation

It is optional to send your orders to us to be fulfilled should you ever need us. This is an optional service.

  • Optional Fulfillment from Riverr
  • Discounted Shipping Labels
  • Order Management
  • Production Dashboard

Pro Plan


It is optional to send your orders to us to be fulfilled should you ever need us. This is an optional service.

  • Optional Fulfillment from Riverr
  • Discounted Shipping Labels
  • Barcode Workflow
  • Automated Supplier Purchasing
  • Automatic Image Processing

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