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Redigerat 20 januari 2023

Foreshadowing------Ask yourself why 90% of reviews mention customer service team----

Really thought this might be a cool little app. Well, what happened on day three when I got back to it, is popups that one cannot X out of trying to force you into a paid version, Really you pressure money far before any testing can happen? I mentioned in my original review below how I was put off by EVERY review mentioning tech support. Well that is part of the scam. They push you to support and request a review 5 minutes after you install app, before things go bad. So you have no idea of what is to come. And that is a HARD PUSH/shakedown for money. Before one has time to test etc...This is seriously a slick scammy model. Brilliant hustle... Granted I am angry about wasting the time jacking with this, but at the same time I'm now hip to a new to me modern susbscription scam....I hope this saves someone some time or pushes the company to fix their model.

Original review below----

Gave 4 stars as I am not fully up to speed on it all, but I'll give 5 start to Abbie from support for helping out... Very impressive. Although I will say one thing, as I read the reviews, it almost scared me off that everyone seems to have to chat with support. Which is not because it is problematic as an app, but because they encourage you to chat as a new user. So don't let that scare you off. This app looks like it has great potential, and has actually re-invigorated me to make my shopify site better, more engaging. Thank you Abbie.

Neo Tec USA
4 dagar användning av appen
Rivo svarade 27 januari 2023

Hi Neo Tech team!

James here from the Rivo. Firstly, thank you for your candid feedback, and I'm so sorry about your experience with the app and our team so far.

I can see you chatted with a few members of our support team, and yes you're right we definitely do ask for feedback about the app to our merchants after support conversations. By no means is this ever obligatory, and the choice is entirely up to you to leave feedback.

As you've probably realized, many of the core features in the app are free. But some of the features we do charge a monthly subscription price for, and you can trial them 100% free as well for as long as you need. Reading back on the chat history, you inquired about trying some of these features out, and our team offered you an extended trial for those features. I think the confusion arose from when we misunderstood your request, and it looks like you were instead having trouble with something displaying incorrectly on your dashboard. I'm so sorry for our misunderstanding there.

This issue has been resolved now, and I'm more than happy to offer you an free extended 45 day trial to resolve this mixup if that's something you're interested in to try out those features!

I've reached out over email with a link to that to help make things right.

Thanks again for your feedback, and please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.


12 oktober 2022

don't use this app. When I delete it, there's still a pop up on my website. I have to reinstall the app and ask them to delete the pop up. Horrible

Hongkong SAR
Ungefär 2 timmar användning av appen
Rivo svarade 12 oktober 2022

Hi Yuan!

This is Lea from Rivo.

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for your experience with the app. It looks like you recently installed the app, and I can see you've reached out, and were able to get in touch with our chat representative but went idle. I'm pleased to inform you that the prompts are no longer appearing in your store. So sorry again for the hiccup here. Uninstalling the app usually takes a while to remove leftover settings and codes within the your theme.

We've sent you an email to reach out and get to the bottom of this problem for you.

Please feel free to contact me back anytime: lea@rivo.io


Redigerat 22 mars 2023

First, the number of customers in their app is not the same as the one in Shopify, the tech team told me there is a bug in their app, and took 3-4 days to fix it.
Second, when I uploaded the point file to their app and there is no way to check the status, even when I imported the 2nd file, it would cancel the first one, which caused the points of my customers to be incorrect all the time. This wasted me over 1 week and still have not gotten it solved. In the last, they told me there is nothing they can do for a huge amount of data cases (The total is only 60K), they also are unable to import the file at their end. What will happen if you have over 60K customers?? The last, they closed the live chat box in my dashboard and did not reply to my email just to make sure I am unable to contact them.
I sincerely want to fix this issue and continue to use this APP. But in this case, they are still not trying their best and kept avoiding the issue.

-------------03/22/2023 update
They said the chat in the app is 24/7. But I never receive a reply in 4 hours! I also was asking for a custom quotation and back to forth, took almost 2 weeks, and they STILL NOT sent me the answer that I want!!!!!! just disappointed

Hongkong SAR
12 månader användning av appen
Rivo svarade 4 maj 2022

**Updated reply May 11, 2022**

Hi Kevin,

Wanted to give you a heads up that we made some major improvements to the CSV import system. It is now 20x faster than it previously was. Previously what used to take hours, now takes several minutes. This should improve the user experience dramatically for you when updating members or guests.

Thanks again for your feedback and chat back to us anytime!


**Original reply May 4, 2022**

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your feedback and review. I'm sorry we couldn't meet your expectations of the app.

For your first issue, when your member count was different then Shopify, after you reported it, our developers pushed out a fix over the weekend.

For your second issue, unfortunately what you were asking us to do was a very rare edge case (it's only come up this one time). ChinaHobbyLine wanted to adjust your guests points, and not member points, and because you had ~50,000 guests, we reached a limit on updating through Shopify's API. After suggesting multiple workarounds and solutions we were unable to come to a resolution. On one occasion, one of our Support Managers spent 8 hours on live chat with you explaining the problem and live troubleshooting. On another occasion, other team members and I spent the same amount of time eagerly trying to provide help and support. Outside of the live chat time our engineering team has spent a significant amount of time working on this problem for you and it was communicated multiple times early on that the functionality you were looking for was not possible.

When the problem wasn’t solved over live chat we escalated to our engineering team over email to help solve, which is the typical process we follow. When we exhausted our options for troubleshooting further over live chat (after over 20 hours of live chat time) we offered to schedule a video call to help explain the situation and limitations.

When we notified you of this news of the limitation after all this, we offered a full refund and a path forward for a viable workaround. We sent an email over 24 hours ago with a viable workaround for converting your guests into members, but we still have not received a response.

I really am sorry we couldn't resolve this for you Kevin, and that it has to come to this.

As much as we would like to provide our customers with the best features and flexibility, I'm afraid we can't build out every feature to meet the needs of every use case. I hope you can understand.

Again, I am sincerely so sorry for the inconvenience that this problem caused.

Our team is very open to resolving this anytime with you, if you would like to reply on the email thread we have open. Hoping to hear from you soon.