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19 februari 2024

bummed with how they count orders that don't even use the code as part of the counted sales. Any sales coming from Shopify would count towards the monthly sales. This doesn't make any sense, if a customer doesn't even know about the program they check out bc of an ad- that shouldn't be counted towards the count with the app. I had to uninstall it after installing it and asking support about this. I hope they will change this to reflect on the true sales reflecting the use of Rivo.

Designs By Wildside
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Rivo svarade 20 februari 2024

Hi Candi,

This is Lea from Rivo! Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We're sorry you're not satisfied with your experience with the app.

Our loyalty program, like most others on Shopify, counts all orders as part of the billing structure. This is not specific to just our app but is a common standard to keep things transparent and fair. It ensures pricing aligns with the value businesses receive from the app.

By tracking all orders, we can monitor customer behaviors, even for those who haven't engaged with the loyalty program yet. This insight can support businesses in refining their marketing and engagement actions.

We're continually listening to feedback like yours and striving to improve. We truly hope you'll consider trying Rivo again in the future.

If there's anything else we can do for you, please feel free to reach out to me at lea@rivo.io.

Best Regards,

17 juli 2022

I had to delete this app. My customers are not able to use the rewards on custom invoices. And when I manually use a coupon for my customer, there is absolutely no way to remove the coupon from my customer's account. When I asked about this issue, they told me to just let my customer know that it was already used. Obviously. But then every single time my customer goes in, it still shows their coupon and I now have had to explain to the customer four times that it is the one that we already used. And it is ridiculous that I can't remove that coupon from her account so she isn't asking to use it every time.

Honey Tree Kids
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Rivo svarade 18 juli 2022

Hi Ashley!

James here, Head of Merchant Success at Rivo.

I'm so sorry for the hiccup here using rewards on custom invoices. You're right, the way you are doing it (manually using a coupon) is the best way.

One way to use a discount code on a manual invoice is to go to https://shopify.com/admin/discounts and find the discount associated with the customer for that reward, then use it on their order.

In terms of removing a reward, the best way we can recommend is to disable that code in the Shopify Admin – however I understand that's not ideal - as it will still show in their account! We added your vote to a feature request we have open for this, but you're right I totally agree. We should have this functionality built it – it's on the roadmap for the future and something we plan on implementing soon.

I'm going to pass this feedback along to our product and engineering teams as well. I reached out to you to make things right – please feel free to contact me back anytime: james@rivo.io


Redigerat 30 oktober 2021

This App can NOT yet reward customers with Gift Cards. It instead gives a discount code so the customer can buy themselfes a voucher and they can then redeem in another purchase. However the friendly support and team is promising to add this and I hope to be able to use this soon. 5 stars if they add this feature.

My Gadget Planet
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Rivo svarade 1 november 2021

Thank you for your feedback and for trying Rivo Loyalty! I'm so sorry for not having this feature available yet. As mentioned by our merchant success team, you can still add a gift card as a 'free product' reward in the app, which is a great workaround we've seen other merchants have success with.

Building out the feature to reward customers with gift cards is definitely on the roadmap for release, and I've asked our head of engineering to bump this up in priority as well.

I've added your vote to the feature request and when we release it, we'll reach out and let you know!

James & the team at Rivo :)