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The app appears super easy to use and user friendly but when you actually start using it, all that expectation fails to deliver. It is very buggy(or at least it felt to me), and as soon as you enable it, it adds the star rating widget and the write a review widget but you can't move them as they don't show up as editable blocks in your store editor. Which just makes me think how it is not actually compliant with 2.0 themes.

When you add them manually as new widgets, the forced ones are now gone and the new ones that you added are blank blocks that display nothing.

Also this app somehow prompted our previous Shopify Reviews App(which we had long since removed) to display its own ratings on the collections page. Now we have 1 set of ratings on the collections page and another completely different one on the product page. Nothing was going right with this. We are not Shopify Store experts but we have not had this much trouble setting up an app in the past.

I appreciate their team trying to help us and promptly responding even though we hadn't paid a dime for the app, but it just wasn't for us. It didn't appear as good looking as the screenshots showed too. Looked more like the default reviews app up until we had tested.

Athleisure Sports

I've submitted 2 tickets for issues I have experienced and no help or communication in 3 weeks. The reps who I did speak to were helpful.

Kingdom Beauty Care
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Your review means the world to us! We are always happy to help in any way we can and are available anytime. Thanks so much for 5-stars! 🌟Cheers, Kevin