ROBOLTZ ‑ Facebook Recart

ROBOLTZ ‑ Facebook Recart


Marketing for Facebook + Recart + Coupon + Timer + Support

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Send to Messenger button

Our facebook messenger bot delivers automatic coupons + full abandoned cart to your customers with verified accounts. Facebook Marketing

Coupons + Abandoned Cart

Our facebook messenger bot adds a countdown timer + coupon code on shopping cart and product pages to boost the sale. Facebook Marketing

Facebook messenger coupon

The facebook messenger will save the Messenger accounts in seconds with a coupon on the product page. Facebook Marketing

Su ROBOLTZ ‑ Facebook Recart

Facebook Messenger is the future, the fast notification of messenger is the best marketing tool. Email is the past, Messenger open rates are 70%+ If you have a store with several visitors + facebook ads, but you don’t have sales, Roboltz is the best marketing solution because it has the following features :

1.Facebook messenger Abandoned Cart,a powerful marketing tool to recover customers who forgot the shopping cart

2.Automatic Coupon with an expiration time of 1 hour on your store and messenger + up to 3 reminders within 24 hours, a powerful marketing tool

3.Automatic Countdown timer when a coupon is active on your store, a powerful marketing tool

Roboltz Features

  1. The powerful Send to Messenger button allows to get Messenger accounts to send coupon and cart abandoment reminders .

  2. Roboltz allows you to send the full cart by Messenger.

  3. Roboltz shows a countdown timer to hurry up the sales.

  4. Robotlz has a tracker code to show what your customers are doing into your store.

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5.0 stelle su 5

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Great app. very useful. i recommend this app to anyone !!
Great and Fast support, the app creates coupons and send to my customers messenger


amazing service from Randal. Great customer service, super nice and helpful with setting everything up! This app is impressive, many features and easy to understand.


Great App!, the support is really fast and solved my questions.
this app is really fast and track the customer info from facebook.