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Do not waste money with this application
I lost $ 60 with this application
Do not waste money with this application

Developer reply

May 15, 2019

Thank you for your review. We have tried our best to deliver the best service to you which was completely free of charge. We provided you with extensive feedback on your website, we asked Shopify to refund you because we felt charging you without getting any value was unfair. And yet you blackmailed us with this negative review over again. There are some serious red flags as you use fake US address, not real product images etc. Still, we are deeply sorry that our app did not meet your expectations.

The Pond Shop®

Did absolutely nothing for me. Now it is perminantly linked to my google ads account and I can not remove it as it says it is being used, but it's not. Try a different app.

Developer reply

May 14, 2019

Thank you so much for your review. We are truly sorry that our services didn't meet your expectations. We have carefully investigated your issue and we can see that the remarketing campaign was running for 2 days. At that time, it's really hard to achieve outstanding results. We completely understand that you'd like to have the best outcomes as soon as possible, however, the campaign was not running long enough. If you wish, you can freely disconnect us from your account. In case any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us on We'd be more than glad if you could give us another shot.

Nunamia & Co

I paid $105 on google ads using this, & I still don't know how google charged me, No traffic, Really waste of money.

Developer reply

May 6, 2019

Hello and thank you for the review. We're sorry to hear our app didn't meet your expectations. We're generally known for making the marketing as simple and clear as possible. We wanted to check your account and investigate the issue more, however, we can see that since you've uninstalled our app, we've lost access to all data. If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact us at, we'll do our best to provide you with the best care and help you with your online marketing.


Not very good. Poor optimization and poor ROI. They got lots of things to improve. Lots of glitch in the app.

Developer reply

April 15, 2019


We are deeply concerned to hear your experience with us has been negative so far. We are still young and growing and we do understand that the optimization of the ads is not on the advanced level. However, our main goal is to make online marketing as simple as possible. We are planning on the implementation of several new features and we hope you'll be more satisfied after.

If you’d like to change your mind and give us another shot, we can assure you we can give you the best care and help you with your online marketing.

Phiyani Rue

I made specific specifications that I did not want to spend more than $3 - 5 dollars a day. And the app created multiple campaigns with google for $10 -20 dollars a day. Costing me about $300 a month in ad costs and no sales. I did not realize this was happening, the app costs me $800 plus of credit card charges from ad words and NO SALES!! just removed it.

Developer reply

March 6, 2019

We are sad to learn about the negative experience you had with our app. You requested Search Ads at $10/day, which is currently our beta feature and that was the reason for creating multiple campaigns. Our ads, however, did bring you relevant traffic as you requested (901 clicks at an average cost of $0.56) yielding you a sale as well. At the same time though, you were running some other campaigns that were not created by us.

We are working hard on better reporting and your feedback to this very point is definitely justified. We will be happy to discuss this again so do not hesitate to reply to our emails where we offered you managing your campaigns further.

Digital Trend Zone

Stay AWAY!! Once you download it and run a campaign, itll create a new pixel on fb and who knows what on google. It started sending me thousands of fake clicks to my site which I'm afraid will mess up all my data. 2 days after creating a campaign with them my traffic 5X and no increase in sales. Even after deleting it the traffic is still coming. After further review, it seemed like they changed something else in one of my google campaigns. They sent me 700 clicks to a remarketing campaign for no cost at all. Stay away!

Developer reply

March 8, 2019

Thank you for leaving your review regarding your experience with our app. We have carefully investigated your reservation and we would like to provide you with our outcome.

We are creating a new pixel to secure that the ads are running correctly. We can also assure you that we haven't sent any fake traffic to your website. The only retargeting campaign, which was running at that time was the one you’ve created. This campaign was targeting the audience list "All converters". This list, however, contains more than 35.000 users Our campaigns starting with the prefix "DYN_REM" are set to target previous visitors to your website. Unfortunately, you deleted it before it could show some results.

We would be happy to provide more details and if you would like to decide to give us another try, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Run from this app. They flood your website with BOT traffic which increases your campaign spend with no conversion. After uninstalling, their code is still on your website and tags left all over your google ads account. Your Shopify analytics will register their fake traffic but Google analytics will not if you have enabled your account not to recognize known bots.

Current Update: The account manager reached out to me on this and I will give it another try to see the new instruction makes any difference. Will update shortly

Developer reply

March 8, 2019

Thank you for your feedback. Our remarketing campaigns are set to target previous visitors that have been on your website. As you have paused the remarketing list, there was no targeting set and the ads could be shown to anybody on the internet at that time (so no bots). When this happens, Google campaigns are very likely to spend more than the daily budget. We’re really sorry that your ads have spent more than expected, but whenever you’ll change your campaign settings without first consulting with us, we cannot guarantee their proper functionality and behaviour. According to Google conditions mentioned here, they cannot charge you more than a double of your daily budget and you can consider the rest as free traffic.

As for the issue with the code, it becomes inactive once you uninstall. But if you would like to have it removed anyway that is no problem for us and you can contact us anytime regarding this.


I find this app useless. Not enough attention from the owners. It does requires attention from their admin. I've had this app installed for several days. I sent numerous requests to their support staff. Invitation to manage my Facebook campaigns was not even accepted by them. For some reason, they created new Facebook pixel when I've had one already. For some reason by default they have set my campaigns to worldwide when I am doing business in USA. They assured me that everything was on track when it wasn't. I removed their app and will never trust them.

Developer reply

March 8, 2019

We’re truly sorry that your experience with our app has been a negative one.

We know that marketing is very important for your business but, unfortunately, retargeting ads are rather a long-term process and always require a few days before they start running. We can see that you have deleted our Product catalog. In this case, your ads won’t run properly and won’t show you any results.

Regarding the query about our pixel, we always create a new one for our Product Catalog to make sure they work together as well as that ads are running without any issues and statistics are reported correctly and this is the proper way of doing so.

We really understand, that in the beginning, it can be confusing, however, our support specialists are always here to answer all your questions. If you’re willing to give us another try, please contact us we will be more than happy to help.


I read the reviews on ROI and was intrigued so used this and the ROI has been awful to the point of 0 conversions from the money invested and i'm not talking £20 here and there. I'll go back to organic growth over this.

Developer reply

March 8, 2019

We’d like to apologize for the negative experience you had with our app.

We can only assume you were talking about our search campaign. We can see that this campaign set by us has been running for only three days and you've gained 469 impressions and 13 clicks so far for the cost of £6.65. Our Search ads usually have very good results, however, there was not a large amount of data from which we could make any conclusions.

We can completely understand you want to get the best outcomes as soon as possible, but in this case, there was no mistake on our side as the campaigns were not running long enough.

If you’d like to change your mind and give us another shot, we can assure you we can give you the best care and help you with your online marketing.

Pure Journi

Installed it, setup never completed. talked to support, they said they look into the setup error. The next day I went into the app and nothing shows up but the word "NULL". The page is completely blank, but that word. Can't see my setup, account or anything. Looks like I can't connect to where my account is stored. Unfortunately I had to uninstall. The app does not seem very stable.

Developer reply

April 5, 2019

I'm really sorry you've had a negative experience with our app. Unfortunately, there was a coincidence of two errors. One on our side which was fixed the same day and another one on Shopify that happened the day after.

If you ever wish to give us another chance, we'll do our best to make everything work flawlessly.