Rokt Ecommerce Ad Marketplace

Rokt Ecommerce Ad Marketplace

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Monetize your confirmation page and unlock value for shoppers

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Unlock a new revenue stream

Present offers from leading advertisers in a native placement on your confirmation page. Every time a customer opts in, you get paid.

Optimize your user experience

Use award-winning AI technology to serve the most relevant, high-quality advertiser to each individual through a seamless user interface.

Maintain control of your brand

Customize the placement design to match your store's theme and choose which advertisers can present offers to your customers.

Podrobnosti o Rokt Ecommerce Ad Marketplace

We help you generate additional profit by serving third-party offers from well-known advertisers to your customers after they’ve made a purchase.

With Rokt, you harness the power of enterprise technology already employed by leading ecommerce companies such as Ticketmaster, GoDaddy, and Groupon. What makes our solution so powerful?

A crucial moment for customer engagement

Leverage the captive audience on your confirmation page to drive clicks and revenue. With wallets out and trust established, customers are 7x more likely to engage with offers.

Relevance and personalization for each customer

Use data science and machine learning algorithms to ensure that the right offer is presented to every individual. Our tailored approach maximizes engagement and value for all.

A seamless experience for your site’s visitors

Display all offers in a native overlay that blends into your confirmation page. With an intuitive user interface that matches your store theme, it’s easy to delight your customers.

Exclusive offers from advertisers your customers trust

Access to our vetted marketplace is limited to top advertisers such as SiriusXM, Marriott, Domino’s, Yelp, ESPN, Wayfair, and Priceline. On top of that, you have the option to enable or disable offers from specific industry verticals and advertisers.

Free to use, easy to set up, and even easier to get paid

Go live within minutes and start generating revenue now! We share all proceeds and payments take place on a monthly basis via PayPal.


What kind of reporting is available within the app?

Rokt Ecommerce includes real time customer reporting that makes it easy to track performance as you increase profits. Your dashboard provides tools for measuring impressions, engagements, revenue, and more.

Where is the offer content displayed to customers?

Offers come from brands that advertise on the Rokt platform and are displayed on the thank you page after each customer completes an order.

How else can Rokt help me achieve my ecommerce goals?

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to monetize your thank you page or an industry leader interested in increasing customer loyalty, Rokt can help. We provide solutions for store optimization across every checkout page. Visit our website and sign up for our newsletter for more content on what’s in store, including the ability to present a cross-sell or upsell product recommendation to each customer after they've completed an order.

Is Rokt compliant with data and privacy regulations?

Rokt is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and all other regulatory requirements in the markets in which it operates. Rokt is also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, meeting stringent international standards for information security management.

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I have used this app, it is very seamless integration and could able to do $$$. I definitely recommend this app.


I used this app to help maximize our check out experience. It's literally free money for us (pays for basically our site costs and more). I'd recommend it to anyone - I constantly have the rep who helped me from ROKT reach out to me on a regular basis making sure the aesthetics are in line with my brand. Ironically my customers have made a few positive comments about it and how they were able to get a free few months of Hulu through buying a piece from us.

Soundporium Music Store

Just started using. Everything looks great so far and it is super simple to install and use. Will update in the future if it doesn't work for our business. :)