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RooJet - Pricing Optimization

RooJet - Pricing Optimization

Developed by RooJet

Price: $29.00 – $179.00 / month Free Trial: 10 days More info
  • (Automatically) Optimize Your Prices and Make More $$$
  • Stop leaving money on the table
  • Never worry if your price is the best price

RooJet Helps You Improve Your Prices So That You Make The Most Profit Possible!

Instantly get data on your best pricing strategy.

How would you like to perfectly price your products so that you make the most money possible?
You can with RooJet - your perfect solution to getting your pricing perfect.

How Does RooJet Work?

RooJet Works in this manner:

  1. Building a Gaussian Process (GP) with the historical data from your store

  2. Optimizing the hyperparameters of the Gaussian Process (model selection)

  3. Finding the points of highest Expected Improvement (EI)

  4. Returning the points (optimized prices), then repeat

Discover the Only Shopify Pricing Tool That Will Tell You Where to Price Your Products

Make sure that your products are priced correctly - by analyzing your customer and sales data, over time we can predict the best price your customers want to pay.

  • Includes a cost function so RooJet will never price below a set amount

  • Automatically populates all of your products

  • You choose to update prices suggested with RooJet

  • Get started today with a free trial!

Boost Sales by Pricing Your Products Perfectly

Every store has a different customer base, and they are all different - so they should be priced differently as well. RooJet allows you to price your products specifically to your customers so that they will want to buy!
If prices are not optimized, customers will leave your store and your sales could suffer.
Luckily, you can avoid this problem.
Add RooJet to your store and improve your pricing. Perfect for any business or any industry.

  • Shows you the extra $$ you have made

  • Suggests new, optimized pricing every hour

  • Your customers will be happier - paying the perfect price

Update Your Pricing Any Time With RooJet

Guessing at your prices is very tedious, and exactly that - a guessing game.
With RooJet, get data that tells you exactly where to price your products, and update with one click.

Easy to Use Shopify Plugin for Pricing Your Products

This is the only pricing plugin that enjoys a number of amazing benefits:

  • One Click Pricing Updates

  • Hourly Pricing Optimization

  • Easy to use Shopify plugin

  • Affordable monthly plan after free trial ends

  • Start getting perfect pricing today. If you want to extend the function of your Shopify websites, RooJet. Having an up-to- date, optimized pricing will make every customer more valuable and every sale more profitable.

    Get Your Free Trial Today to Start Perfecting Your Pricing!

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This app is not ready for primetime. After installing it, I get some encoding error when trying to open it. I reached out to support, but no answer. Guess RooJet doesn't want to have the Shopify community using their app. Too bad, as this sounds like something my shop at http://www.sokomfy.com could use.


Works perfect and as advertised, profits have increased steadily after installing the app. Highly recommended!

$29.00 – $179.00 / month

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10 days

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