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Round Up for Charity

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Kate and Moose

Round Up still publicizes that this is a free app, but they made a change and decided to charge accounts with small numbers of orders WITHOUT saying anything beforehand. That is unethical.

A V A L Y N & L U L U

They charged me every month directly from the bankcard, even when I uninstalled the app. BUT, I contacted them through email and they helped us solve the problem quickly, and refunded us. The app is good and easy to use, but only when there's no addtional costs. I can see why it's helpful for bigger stores.



I've tried installing the app 3 times now. I cannot get past the step clicking the charity. No matter which charity I pick I get an unknown error. When I try to contact support I get an error code saying I might be doing something sneaky??? I can't even get tot he part where they overcharge you every month like the other reviews.

I finally went to their website to contact support. I got an email they are "busy." That was in October. I've tried contacting again to no avail.

Good idea.
Worst customer support. Ever.

Jasamke, LLC

This app stated that it was free, but like other reviewers, I am also getting charged $10 a month regardless of whether I make sales or not. I uninstalled the app and removed all code that I could find relating to it and still received a charge a month later. I have attempted to contact them multiple ways with no success. If you go to their website the contact button at the top of the page does not work. The "Get in Touch" section at the bottom of the page does not seem to do anything as I have sent three messages in the last four days and have not received any emails stating that they received my message, much less any kind of response. I will continue to try to get a hold of someone for this issue and update my review as necessary.

Also, another issue with this app was that it would round up multiple times if the customer added to the cart, went to cart, started checkout after checking the donation box, then decided to shop again then went back to the cart, removed the previous item, then did this again. I had one person end up with an extra 7 cents added when it was supposed to be 1 cent due to this issue.

Avila dream

Lied about being free. I am getting charged $4.00 every month if a customer donates to roundup or not.

Jewelry Gift Shop & More

Lied about being free. This app is not free. It just charged me $10.00 It was suppose to only charge me for the round up amount.

Curious World

I love this app. Its awesome that my customers can donate to charities automatically and very easily. It really brings great value for the customer and store owner. Easy to install, received a personalized email to check in.

The Bath Bomb Outlet

Uninstalled. No phone support. Never received an email reply addressing my issue. Doesn't actually "Round Up" because it does the rounding before calculating shipping and taxes, meaning the customer will still be charged an odd number. Also, if the donation amount is $0.16, for example, it shows as 16 additional items added to the user's cart.

Alice's Bear Shop

My initial review was for one star as like every other charitable donation app I've tried Round up didn't support UK charities but they immediately got on the case and addressed this. TOP MARKS Round Up.

Pilot Active

Really great app! Easy to set up and great customer service. Love that my customers are able to make an easy donation to charity right at checkout. Win win for all and great way to give back.

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