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Branded Short URLs

RR LinX builds branded short URLs for products, collections, any page on Shopify, and even external links. Hot-swap live destination links.

Full UTM Tags

RR LinX provides a full set of utm tags for Google Analytics in every short link you generate. Track all organic and paid conversions.

Tracking Audiences

Leverage hot audiences for remarketing that are clicking on any of your links, even for external pages that you cannot track directly.

Über RR‑LinX

Difficulties knowing which sales are coming from organic or paid traffic sources?

The solution is easy now: Never post an untagged link on social media ever again.

With RR Linx you can identify organic and paid traffic sources with 99.9% accuracy, using your own beautiful short links for products, collections, Shopify pages, and even any external pages, such as your blog, content marketing, or Amazon links.

Your peace of mind knowing which ads to scale is finally within reach!

Feature Highlight 1 - Create Short-Links In Seconds

Super easy to install and start creating redirect links in no time. All redirect links are by default tagged with a full set of utm-parameters which shows you exactly the traffic and conversions for all organic clicks on your RR-LinX. Simply copy and paste one link for each Social Media post.

Feature Highlight 2 - RR LinX Powerful Facebook Merge Strings

Identify all PAID traffic from Facebook, Instagram and any Social Media sites where you use the links. Know the exact ad, ad set and campaign that delivers results. Keep it simple: Just copy and paste the same pre-configured code into all of your Facebook ads.

Feature Highlight 3 - Built-In Traffic Reports And In-Depth Google Analytics Support

Get categorized data reporting and analytics right inside the RR LinX App and see your best performing campaigns and link types on your dashboard.

Feature Highlight 4 - Get Link-Click Audiences For Retargeting And Leverage

Build powerful audiences on Facebook, Google Adwords and any other Social Media platforms based on the people who click your links.

Sending traffic to content you don’t controle, like news articles or blog posts, or product listings on Amazon? You can even build audiences of the people who click on your links to these pages, using the “External LinX!”

Audiences that click on specific links are obviously interested in your offers. What if you could earmark them for retargeting right there on the spot? RR LinX makes that easy. Just insert any tracking script into your RR LinX and you’re ready to go!

Feature Highlight 5 - Keep Control Of Your Branding With Your Own Redirect Domain

RR LinX serves your redirect link with a built-in shortlink domain that you can use without any additional setup. If you wish to control your links and branding, you can also use a domain or subdomain that you own.

Feature Highlight 6 - Google Analytics Training Included

Complete step-by-step guide on how to use RR LinX to your advantage and dive into the most powerful and easy-to-use reporting metrics on Google Analytics, is at your fingertips right inside the RR LinX app.

Feature Highlight 7 - Works With Any “1st-Party Cookies”

Concerned about the recent change of Facebook’s “1st-party cookies” policy? Rest assured, RR LinX



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