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  • Recommend sourced Amazon/AliExpress hot products.
  • Easy source products that are hot on Amazon/AliExpress.
  • Quick import products directly into your Shopify store.

Please note: RSpider is still in beta. However, our support team is available to assist you with any questions about setting up.

A Perfect Product Import & Source Tool

RSpider is aimed to be an ideal dropshipping assistant: smart product sourcing that 99% dropshippers don't know about as well as how to automatically import products into your Shopify store in minutes.

Available Features:

Connect to your Shopify store automatically.

Source products hot on Amazon/AliExpress by price comparison.

Import wanted products in one click.

Translate Chinese product details into English automatically.

Inventory & price updates synchronously.

Customize product details like the titles or descriptions as you wish.

Create your own pricing rules.

Ensure your profit not be affected by the fluctuations of product price.

Simple & Affordable Business Plans (ALL FREE DURING BETA TEST):

Free Plan is for the new beginners who can import 500 products per month & source 10 products.

Premium Plan ($29.90/month) is for the seniors and professionals who can import 10,000 products & source 200 products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to login?

Once you get started on RSpider, the login account will be your Shopify store account which will be connected automatically. And you also need to add your email address later.

Will the customers know I am drop-shipping?

No, RSpider will not inform your customer about the source of your products and don’t insert such information into your shop.

How to process the customer’s order?

If your customer purchases products imported from Aliexpress/Amazon, you can go to the Ali/Amazon product pages and order from the initial suppliers and have them shipped to your customer directly. For products imported from Taobao, you can either order from the initial Taobao suppliers or click “Order on Rulily” button on RSpider pushed product page to have us fulfilled for you. Auto order fulfillment feature will be available later.

How to import & push product?

Please click Import List on the left menu bar. You can input any Aliexpress /Taobao /Amazon product URL directly in the blank filed and click Get the Product or use RSpider chrome extension for 1-click product importing while browsing relevant product page. All the products successfully imported will exist in the import list.
Then you can choose the platform you want to claim to and edit accordingly. When your product is customized - click "Push to Shop" button to push it to your Shopify store.

How to source product that is hot on Amazon/Aliexpress?

When you browse Amazon/Aliexpress, target a hot product and would like to check if there are similar affordable ones from China to sell, you can click Product Source on the left menu bar and input the product URL directly to start Search or use RSpider chrome extension to 1-click source similar goods which will show a list of 8 matched items. For most products, you will be able to find more affordable ones.

How does RSpider Chrome Extension work?

Once you have installed the extension, there are two icons at the lower right corner on each Amazon/AliExpress product page (make sure the product page is fully loaded). The upper icon is for product sourcing and the left is product importing. There will be 8 similar matched products showed after you click the upper icon which could take a while. And when you click the left icon, the product will be auto added to your Rspider import list. For Taobao webs, there will be only one import icon available.

How to set up price & inventory auto-updates?

There is no need to set up as the product prices and stocks are synced per day.

How to cancel RSpider account?

If you no longer want to use RSpider for your drop-shipping business, simply uninstall the application from your Shopify store. Meanwhile, it’ll be warmly welcomed if you have any suggestions for us.

More questions?

You will find a quick guide on how to use RSpider once you log in our dashboard. Please also feel free to email us at rspider@rulily.com

RSpider reviews (3)


This App is incomplete !! l've spent too much time going back to shopify for completing shipping rates, clicking ''on line on all shannels'' change again the prices...than doing import maually
l've contacted the support but.... no reply yet !!
This is good for garbage


Is a pretty good apps for sellers, is just that on taobao when you sign up isn't translate to English so I can't get pass that. Also before pushing import item to store it doesn't add the collection to the store or make it visible in store you'll still have to edit thur shopify.


Thank you,this is a great app for sellers

From $0.00 / month

All features are free during our beta test period.

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