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Very much enjoy Rudderstack for analytics tracking. The online interface is so easy to connect my Shopify web events, email events, chat conversations and send them all to FB for tracking. Great app, even better UX designers.

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Setup was pretty easy....Just a copy/paste IDs and you are good. I was really expecting the type of metrics, but the metrics are not that great. You get Cart Viewed, Login Viewed, Registration Viewed, and Started Checkout. Segment has way more parameters out of the box, so don't expect Segment type of data. Also, my site speed was at about 28 and went down to 20 days after installing. Not sure what they are doing, but my site speed is suffering after installing. Tech support still has not gotten back to me after several days now, so you can totally forget about any type of support. Yes it's open source, but would like someone to contact me back. Overall I gave it a 3 just because you do get more data and it was easy to connect.

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