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Redigerat 1 juli 2024

Update: the app's connection to Klaviyo has been stable for the past weeks since Bhavya, the new Product Owner of the Rush Order Tracking App, took over.
I'll keep following this closely and will update my review to 4-5 stars if the app remains reliable (and connected to Klaviyo).

Nästan 3 år användning av appen
Rush svarade 8 april 2022

Hey JP,

I understand your disappointment! It’s important to us that our customers are more than satisfied. We immediately resolve this issue and applied special RegEx rules. If you give us a chance, we are intent on making this right and hope you will allow us to speak with you to discuss the situation.

I've contacted you via email and live chat to follow up with you. Please kindly have a check.

Looking forward to your reply.

Customer Success Lead

Redigerat 13 december 2023

Old review: Great app! I use it in 3 of my stores and it is perfect. It is a must have and the customer service is immaculate. - June 18, 2022

New review: Used it on all my stores, now rethinking.

When Rush first launched, it was great. I loved it and used it on all my e-commerce stores. Kril the founder was extremely supportive(he is not there anymore). Now, after being dependent on the app, the customer service is not as supportive and I am currently looking at alternatives.

Shame how things change.

Mer än ett år användning av appen
Rush svarade 20 juni 2022

Hey Celestalia!

Thank you for the wonderful review and for taking the time to share your feedback with Rush. You said 3 stores, so let us know when you add the 4th, we will give you a nice starting present there. Our priority is customer service and we are happy that we met that mark! 😌

Should you need any other support, please do not hesitate to contact us on Live Chat.

Thanks again for choosing Rush, again!

Customer Success Lead

24 december 2021

The app concept is brilliant. However, it is not polished. I leave this review after an initial 1-star review. The CEO then reached out to me, which I appreciate, and told me the team would work with me to solve any issues. - The app claims it will automatically update to the last mile tracking number. This is fantastic for businesses shipping overseas, and no other app does this. However, it will only do so if the original carrier updates the tracking with the last mile. And even if there was a last-mile number, the app ignored it sometimes. We saw many shipments that never changed to the last mile at all even though this was displayed on the native carrier page. - Since it will fail to pull the last mile in many cases, the tracking info will not be as complete and will be very confusing for customers, that will email you immediately. We got many emails from customers who did not understand where the package was. - The variables for Klaviyo could be better. We could not add product variant title, billing address, or the order status link from Shopify to our emails. - You cannot disable native order & shipping confirmation Shopify emails unless you are Plus. Even though this is a Shopify limitation, they should mention it. - The PayPal integration is still not finished after 3-4 months later. - The support, while helpful, seems to be overwhelmed. I had to wait several days for a response in some cases, and messages will be easily missed when using their slack channel. I had a feeling of being on my own sometimes. I'd really like someone working with us to set up flows more in-depth. We had questions daily, and the support pace was frustrating at times, slowing us down a lot. - Tracking page customization is tedious. It can only be done via support (you have no control), and it takes a while. They will adapt to your requests, though. All you need is patience. Having an editor with blocks would be fantastic. All in all, a very decent app with lots of potential, but I guess it did not meet our hyped expectations after reading through their website, and the CEO promised excellence. If you don't ship from overseas, don't need elaborated Klaviyo emails, and have a quite simple setup, this app will do great for you!

Canvas by Numbers USA
Rush svarade 6 april 2022

Hello Canvas by Numbers USA,

I’m sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with us. It’s always our intention to provide great customer service and useful, transparent advice. Please accept our sincerest apologies that we didn’t live up to your expectations on this occasion.

We are sorry for the delay in the PayPal integration! Really nothing more we can do, other than banging on PayPal's door to hurry up. Only the finalization of legal papers is stopping us, from releasing it. Unfortunately, YunExpress fails to provide us the information for the Last-Mile carrier sometimes! We do provide full access to the tracking page code and soon we are going to release a drag and drop builder feature to it!

While it pains me to see that we were not to the expectations, I’m thankful that you reached out to share your experience as your valuable feedback helps us to improve our processes and better service to our clients.

Customer Success Lead