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I have been using Whiplash fulfillment for my company GiantMouse Knives for several years now. Based on my experience, I have brought on Whiplash for my second company (carpediemedc.com). The team at my Whiplash shipping facility is amazing, and incredibly responsive to any and all issues that arise with shipping product to customers. And Heather and the rest of the customer service team at Whiplash HQ is always there to help resolve anything that my local shipping team can't.

Carpe Diem EDC

Whiplash - Dogpatch SF is Awesome! Ray and his team are the best! I don’t know what I would do without their personalized service and attention to detail. He is super organized and personable. I highly recommend him! Chrissie Lam - Love Is Project

Love Is Project

Whiplash has impeccable customer service. It's been such a pleasure working with them. No matter what question you have they make you happy you asked with their competent, quick, pleasant answers. Their system is tight and working with them has allowed us to ship confidently and coordinate more efficiently than we have in 3 years of business. Thank you Michelle and the whole team at Whiplash!

Smart Nora

I've been using the Whiplash App and fulfillment service for over 2 years now. I am currently using the DogPatch, San Francisco warehouse location for Whiplash, and could not be happier with the service provided there. Ray at DogPatch Whiplash is over the top excellent with staying on top of every little issue that pops up from time to time whether it be on the customer order side of things or on the inventory side of things. With Whiplash and the DogPatch warehouse handling all of our product fulfillment needs, I am free to focus on all of the other areas of the business that need my attention.


Completely changed our business for the better. Friendly customer service, incredible hands on warehouse managers (who have taken the time to get on the phone to work out issues and discuss growth), extremely patient with setup and helpful at each step of the way. A year later my partner and I (who spent a decade boxing our own orders and using our houses and office as a warehouse) have been bag, box, and shipment free - trusting whiplash to take care of the (literal) heavy lifting, and its free'd us up to focus on our business and creative endeavors. Love this team.

Dais Records

We would struggle without them. The response was always super fast and you always deal with same people which makes it so much easier. It was a vital part of our business.


Whiplash is excellent! We’ve been using them since from day 1 of launching and I couldn’t be happier with how we’ve been able to scale with their technology. The Shopify integration is phenomenal, and their friendly staff is there to help out whenever you run into any issues. Customer service is high on our priority list for our customers, and the Whiplash team has been ever so flexible and accommodating to our needs. I would highly recommend them for your fulfillment needs. Thank you Whiplash!

Urban Edc Supply

Working with Whiplash has been a great experience. The Whiplash back-end has all the technology in place that you need. An intelligent interface, full access to all your data, etc. But to me, the best part of my Whiplash experience so far has been their customer support. In my experiences in the Shopify app world, support is key for making your apps work for you and do the work that you need done. I had tons of up-front questions and the Whiplash support reps have been exceptional. Available and knowledgeable. Exactly what you want when you have that burning question. Highly recommended!!


Working with Whiplash has been easy, I use their warehouses in USA and UK. When I've needed their help, their customer service team have been responsive (by email and messaging). Often when I've needed help it's been to get a report which I've later learned is available on the web-portal. Before working with Whiplash I had terrible experiences with 2 other fulfillment services, I've been with them for over a year now, I'd choose them again.


Whiplash has provided excellent service in every facet of their operation. We did a lot of research before we decided that Whiplash had the best features and services for our Shopify shop. A superb solution for small manufacturers like us who also sell their items at retail. We literally could not do this without Whiplash. From receiving, to warehousing, to organization, to CS, to fulfillment and even returns, they handle everything with ease.

Bigshot Toystore