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28. červen 2020

The loading time of the reviews are very slow and it is not working properly. Otherwise, the idea is good but if is not works then it is not worth

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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 2. červenec 2020

Hi, Ryviu app is using Shopify API, and it will load after your site has finished loading only to make sure our app will not affect to speed of your store. It's using Lazy load also, so it only appears if you reached to Ryviu widget section only too.

Best Regards,

Dan from Ryviu

12. červen 2020

i've never ever seen such bad support team. the app is a mess. i hope you read this to help you be more professional with people.

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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 18. červen 2020

Hi there,
This is Yen from the Ryviu team.

First of all, please accept my apology because our App does not meet your target. As we mentioned in our support thread and on our pricing page, Ryviu does not support Dsers at this moment. Our Technician is working on it and I will keep you posted once available.

I will answer you with further details and you can ask any further questions via our Live chat. Thank you.


Datum úprav: 25. duben 2020

At first sight it looks good. If you take a closer look, a lot of points come together. 1) Wrong products are imported, that can break your shop's neck. As an example for glasses the pictures of caps are imported. 2) Email function is not clear if it really works. Logo of the app is visible, but not the logo of my site 3) On the mobile phone you can see the stars, but the text is not customizable and not responsive 4) The support tried to help, but 90% of my questions were not answered
Therefore only one star

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3. duben 2020

If there's an option to give zero stars, that would I choose. App wasn't working for a long time, their support wasn't able to do anything and after I gave them a bad review, they asked me to delete it and to connect them with TeamViewer ... After that, shitstorm happened, not just that they haven't been able to fix anything, they were tempering with my network and now my internet is working terrible, not loading pages, reporting errors, WiFi goes up and down so I even have to call my ISP support now, i mean FFS! I will report them anywhere I can, starting from Shopify first but for those thinking about installing this app, just DON'T, under any circumstances! SCAMMING APP

MiniTECH Group
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20. leden 2020

The app keeps charging me every month even though I have a free account!!!

Shopify even blocked my store because of this app!!!!!!

I have the screenshot proving it!!!

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Vývojář Ryviu odpověděl 20. leden 2020

Hi there,

Our app is using Shopify payment API and it will automatically count fee every 30 days. You upgraded your plan on November 28, 2019, and canceled your plan on December 30, 2019, so you have been charged for 2 months in use.

Best Regards,

Ryviu team

Datum úprav: 18. květen 2020

A lot of bugs (reviews that don't appear on a huge amount of products, translation that doesn't work etc...) of course the support is always there to fix, but you always have to keep an eye to see if everything is correctly visible. Moreover it is impossible to download all the reviews in a single csv file. We have to do it in an infinite amount of files.

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