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29. september 2017

Cannot fault the service, the team are always on hand to help out - the app works well and looks the business!
BUT WOW, it is SOO expensive.... considering moving due to high fees.

Chubbymealworms Us
Næsten 6 år bruger appen
Redigeret 6. september 2021

1) Good app in terms of basic operations. 2) Good support CONS
1)You cannot remove any points for tagged orders ; you have to go to the app and manually remove them. Meaning if I want to make an order ineligible for points then the above needs to be done rather than a quick process.
2)They count all orders in their pricing calculation. So all our test orders, Cancelled orders, orders created but deleted everything is counted so its unfair All in all I would say you can choose alternates if possible. If you don;t find anything this is fine too; but nothing great as such to be wowed about. Remember apps like these want you to begin with them so that you stick with them later as you have data. So for long term the above CONS are bigger than the PROS of the app. Please BE AWARE!

Mere end 5 år bruger appen
1. juni 2022

The app is very useful and easy to use. It is misleading when it comes to the plans. In the description, is says the basic plan serves for stores with monthly orders between 50 and 1000. While and after starting to work on the app and using it, the basic plan stops when you cross 50 orders, and for my case, with orders between 350 and 600 per month, i was moved to a much more expensive plan costing 120$ a month.
Moreover, the referral program is only possible through an integration with Referral candy, that charges more, and possibly, a % of sales that can go close to 10%

209 Lebanese Wine
Cirka 2 år bruger appen
18. maj 2014

So far I have just started building fans on my site hence will need to explore more and monitor the progress. Seems like a user friendly app.

Næsten 2 år bruger appen
17. marts 2021

I wish there were more orders per month with the free trial so i can really build my business, than i would be able to pay for the justifiable monthly sub as i get those recurring customers

The Bitti Boutique
10 måneder bruger appen
S Loyalty svarede 17. marts 2021

Thank you for your review. Besides the 14-day free trial, we are offering a free plan with limited program features for stores with average monthly orders of 100 or below. Our team will follow up with you by email to provide more details. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

31. oktober 2013

Update: we're using this app again. I don't really have much track record with it (about 10 or so customers have signed up), but it is no longer messing up our order confirmation page.

As I noted below, it has a solid feature set, the only negatives I have on it are the somewhat slow customer service (days for a response to almost every email) and the lack of CSS-like style and text/copy customization to the widget, offer pages and emails, which limits our ability to brand the experience or communicate in our voice. Also, they show their brand on the pages at bottom, even after you start paying $50 a month, which is unusual from the other loyalty apps I have tried (all of them, btw).

Once we see some results, I'll come back and review again to let you know how that worked out.

Prior review below. I have now cancelled this service. The only response that I received was that my problem had been fixed...and it had not. From what I can tell they didn't even read the support ticket. Maybe this is the "Support Page?" I'll let you know if they actually reach out to me to fix the bug....otherwise caveat emptor!


I like this app, but it has broken my order confirmation page -- or so Shopify says. I'm sure they'll fix it shortly, right guys? It has the best feature set of all of the ones we tried (pretty much all of them), so I'm paying for the $49 membership and diving in!

Snoot! Spray
6 måneder bruger appen
1. april 2014

Easy to set up and appears to have all of the right functions however has not generated much interest in the first two weeks. It could be that the widget for the loyalty points is not visible on a Mobile device as it has been designed for a desktop and most of our customers shop through a mobile platform so no one knows they're earning points which is disappointing in today's mobile environment.

Celebrity Closet
5 måneder bruger appen
31. marts 2014

so far so good! Easy setup, and it does everything it should... just wish it was a bit more customizable. Will definitely consider upgrading once I feel it out a bit more.


Was trying to use the embedded widget, and unfortunately the html snippet provided was not compatible and I received very little support to rectify. Will remain at basic level since I could not resolve the issue.

Funky Bijou
4 måneder bruger appen
29. oktober 2020

I use this app to help me get steady customers for them to come back to purchase. for them to use there points. But I am a new user and its not too user friendly. the system wanted to cancel my subscription because I have a widget in CM Commerce POP-up and told me I needed to upgrade my acct??? I am new and I only have about less them 50 sales a month and it was telling me I have more so I had to upgrade my acct?? for 39.99 per month? Please advise. I dont want to cancel my acct. Please fix the Issue

B-Dazzle Boutique
4 måneder bruger appen
S Loyalty svarede 30. oktober 2020

Thank you for the time to leave us a review. We do not have integration with CM Commerce and we are offering a free plan with limited program features for stores with average monthly orders of 100 or below. Our team will follow up with you by email to get more details. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

27. september 2020

So far it has encouraged people to subscribed. But hasn't increased sales so far. Have used the free trial. I will see at the end of the year if its worth still having or a waste of money.

Haus Of Hagendorfer
3 måneder bruger appen