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28 de junio de 2024

No customer support, sent multiple requests and no response.

Eagles Wings Natural Health
Reino Unido
3 meses usando la aplicación
Wave Commerce respondió 1 de julio de 2024

To the Eagles Wings Natural Health team,

On behalf of our team, we're sincerely sorry for our response and for your experience with app support. If possible, we would be grateful for the opportunity to amend the situation and address all of your questions.

We will reach out to you via our support email. Should you continue to encounter issues with our support portal, you are also welcome to reach out to me directly via .

Looking forward to assisting you!

12 de febrero de 2019

So far I'm off to a really rough start! I thought I had launched the rewards a week ago and NOT ONE of my customers purchasing signed up. So I checked today and when they click to sign up for rewards it's just been kicking them off the page and back to my website. Im so disappointed

Bow Peep Co.
Estados Unidos
11 meses usando la aplicación
Wave Commerce respondió 11 de marzo de 2019

Thanks for letting us know the problem you're having. To be a loyalty member, a customer will just need a store account. The "create account" button on S Loyalty shopper overlay is linked to your Shopify store account creation page. If your account setting in Shopify is "Accounts are disabled", the account sign up page will be hidden, and will bring your customers to the homepage of your store as expected when they click the button. Please go to Shopify admin > Settings > Checkout and make sure you have chosen either "Accounts are optional" or "Accounts are required", so that the account creation page can be displayed on your store. Let us know if you need help!

Fecha de modificación: 20 de marzo de 2019

You can't change the settings of the rewards program at free will even when you're subscribed to the highest paid plan. This is no good. You literally have to email their support so they can make the necessary changes. I will no longer utilize this app.

Coloured Raine Cosmetics
Estados Unidos
10 meses usando la aplicación
Wave Commerce respondió 20 de marzo de 2019

Thanks for your review. Since we do not encourage merchants to change the point earning ratio frequently as this can cause confusion to shoppers, we require merchants to contact our support team if they want to make changes related to points earning. This process can give us a way to highlight important notes about the change and to verify with the merchant that the change is correct. Hope this explains.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and I hope that you can understand our rationale. If you need our help, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Fecha de modificación: 28 de marzo de 2021

Very easy setup-- I haven't used it yet, but am excited to see it in action. The only issue is the price, as I am in food and beverage and margins are slim. $20 per month seems a bit high. UPDATE: Horrendous. Their prices are incredibly high (the $20 is a low-ball for only 50 monthly orders) for a rewards platform. The entire point of a rewards plug-in is to help customers save money and boost retention, but how can I justify paying extortionary fees in return for giving my customers money off their purchases?

Rejuice LA
Estados Unidos
2 meses usando la aplicación
24 de agosto de 2020

since 6 DAYS i waiting about add my banner and logo on the rewards program!
support are not professionall at all!

Vizca Cosmetics Paris
Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
Wave Commerce respondió 25 de agosto de 2020

We're sorry to read your review, a member of our support team has responded to your message and we'd love to chat this through with you. Thanks.

21 de octubre de 2020

We just started using this app on the $119 per/mo plan. While the app is fairly easy to navigate the "priority email support" that is included in the plan does not exist. We have emailed and contacted support several times throughout the day, only to receive blank emails back or emails stating we should hear back in 48 hours. That definitely does not qualify as Priority Email Support.

Sweet Simplicity Boutique
Estados Unidos
20 días usando la aplicación
Wave Commerce respondió 21 de octubre de 2020

Thank you for the time to leave us a review. Your feedback means a lot to us. Regarding the experience that you encountered, our team will follow up with you by email to understand more details. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Fecha de modificación: 19 de mayo de 2021

Its been 48 hours since we reached out for assistance. We received an initial response telling us they do not support the deletion of rewards. We informed the rep the reward was created in error and that we wanted it removed to make room for other rewards, but no response. Beautiful software and seamless integration, but the reward tier prices coupled with the lack of customer support equals red flags. Other 1 star reviews say the same thing.***UPDATE*** The developer has responded. We reached out a second time (with screenshots) and still no response. We'd prefer having rewards we can actually use and/or modify if need be. Again, beautiful software and seamless integration, but this does not seem to fit what we need at this time.

My Good Protective Sis
Estados Unidos
11 días usando la aplicación
Wave Commerce respondió 13 de mayo de 2021

Sorry for any confusion. If a reward is turned off, it won't be counted towards the number of rewards allowed by a plan so no worries.

I checked our support system and found that we received one offline message from you and my colleague replied it within 8 hours. I'm not sure if you sent us an earlier message but somehow we didn't receive it. Sorry for any delay and please let us know if there is anything else we can help.

31 de agosto de 2015

I can not lanch the campaign. Why?

Tuty 3
10 días usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 6 de octubre de 2022

After no support in 3 days, they came back to me right after this negative review. the app is still not showing up correctly and I found out that it comes in 1 currency only!! 2022 and Shopify is multi language, multi currency and has Markets.. they come up with 1 currency. cannot use this app.

4 días usando la aplicación
Wave Commerce respondió 4 de octubre de 2022

I'm sorry for our mistake in the support process. We've already replied to you by email and 'll follow this up there.

6 de junio de 2021

Asking for a rating every time I load a page is annoying. I don't even have enough time to assess the tool and you're asking for a rating. Wait until a month before you ask how good your app is.

3 días usando la aplicación