Curbside Pickup Guru

Curbside Pickup Guru

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Staff Pick. Unlimited local pickup. No separate inventory mgmt

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Shopify Staff Pick & BFCM App

Customize pickup selection before or after checkout. Choose different pickup times on different days. Limit number of pickups per time slot

Give Customers a Peace Of Mind

Ensure customers get their orders safely. They can verify & get their orders in store or curbside

Unlimited Pickup Locations

Use Shopify & non-Shopify pickup locations. No need to manage inventory at pickup locations separately

Acerca de Curbside Pickup Guru

Awarded Shopify Staff Pick, BFCM Must Have App

Curbside Pickup Guru app integrates seamlessly with Shopify + Shopify POS to allow you to safely & easily manage in-store & curbside pickups.

  • Our SafeMatch technology uses a unique combination of color & pick up number to ensure accuracy and simplicity
  • Offer pickup selection before or after checkout
  • Automatically display pickup location based on what products are added to cart
  • Use Shopify & non-Shopify pickup locations
  • No need to manage inventory at each pickup location separately
  • Exclusively built for Shopify & Shopify Plus


Safe, Easy, & Fast

  • SafeMatch Verification technology generates order-specific color + text combination easily verify orders, so you don't have to ask to see an order confirmation email up close
  • Speeds up the curbside & in-store order pickup process

Unlimited Pickup Locations Without Higher Tier Shopify Plans

  • No need for more costly Shopify plans just for more pickup locations
  • Unlimited pickup locations - Verify pickups for unlimited number of pickup locations without requiring Shopify Plus
  • Use both Shopify & non-Shopify locations for pickup
  • No need to manage inventory at non-Shopify pickup locations separately

Flexible to Suit Your Store's Unique Needs

  • Enable pickup selection before or after checkout
  • Automatically display pickup location based on what products are added to cart
  • Flexible inventory management - Optionally manage inventory at pickup location
  • Fully customizable pickup windows for each location, including: address, time zone, pickup window frequency, max pickups allowed per pickup window, preparation time, max future availability to show, day of week pickup times, days with special hours or closed for holidays, pickup instructions, phone number, check-in instructions
  • Pickup selection is fully compatible with mobile phones (mobile responsive)
  • Can use Shopify POS for pickup management - Perfect for brick & mortar retailers
  • Multiple customer-facing languages: English, German, French, and more coming

Easy To Use. Integrates With Your Existing Theme & Workflow

  • Compatible with all themes
  • Use your store's existing order notification emails & SMS
  • Verify pickups directly from Shopify Admin orders page
  • Manage, search, filter, & export orders for each pickup location

We Are Here For You

  • Email & live chat support

Se integra con

  • CSV,
  • PDF,
  • PNG,
  • SMS,
  • Email

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Starter Plan


  • Verify pickup orders at 1 location using SafeMatch© technology
  • App logo on SafeMatch© verification screen

Essential Plan


  • Verify pickup orders at 3 locations using SafeMatch© technology
  • No app logo on SafeMatch© verification
  • Save $79/m vs Shopify plan

Professional Plan


  • Verify pickup orders at 8 locations using SafeMatch© technology
  • No app logo on SafeMatch©
  • Save $299/m vs Advanced Shopify plan

Enterprise Plan


  • Verify pickup orders at UNLIMITED locations using SafeMatch© technology
  • No app logo on SafeMatch©
  • Save $2,500+/m vs Shopify Plus plan

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** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

5.0 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes

Richmond Fellowship Queensland

App suits our needs and it is easy to use. Customer service is great - prompt and very helpful. Thanks.

Respuesta del desarrollador

3 de octubre de 2021

Thank you for the lovely review. We are always happy to help.

Chapel Hill Farm Randall Linebacks

If you are a store like us with multiple pickup locations drawing from a single inventory, this is the app for you. I am baffled as to why there are so few options out there for this! I had some issues with how things were showing up at checkout, reached out to customer service via email, and they solved the issue for me within a couple of hours (it turned out the Shopify theme I was using- Vantage- required different coding). There is definitely room for improvement (see below), but for what it is & what it does (especially compared to other apps), I'm pleased so far.
As the app develops, I'd like to see:
-2 Lines for the Pickup Location in the configuration page (Name and additional information- Name would be bold & additional information, like ordering deadlines, or other details about the location would be italicized so it's more legible for the customer at checkout).
-An option to set an order deadline rather than set a lead time by hours (we require 3 days lead time for some pickups, 5 days for others-- it's difficult to calculate that in hours). It would be much easier to set a due date & time for orders placed for certain pickup locations.
-Ability to set regular non-weekly pickups (just like Google calendar- where you can set to repeat weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.). Right now for some locations, I have to set every other week individually as a blackout date, which is clunky & annoying.
-For those of us using the option to select pickup location in the cart (i.e. prior to checkout), having this be a "required field" is critical. Right now people can skip that step and get through payment without selecting a pickup option. For anyone else having this issue, I actually changed my Location address to "SELECT PREFERRED PICKUP IN CART" so it's visible on the checkout page. But that's an ugly solution. This is probably the biggest issue I have so far. Even a required check box prior to payment saying "I have selected my preferred pickup in cart" would help with this.
-Last, a more attractive/branded email with pickup details. Right now it's not a thing of beauty & could do with a facelift & options to add the company logo & have different fonts or bolding available to make it easier for a customer to read.

Respuesta del desarrollador

23 de septiembre de 2021

Thank you for the detailed review. I've passed your requests to our product team as well.

St. Andrew's Spirit Shop

We just started using this app for an online store that needs to have multiple pickup locations but tracks the inventory in one central warehouse. Curbside's customer support team has been incredibly helpful during the set-up and the onsite UX makes a lot of sense.

Respuesta del desarrollador

19 de agosto de 2021

Thank you for the lovely review. We are always happy to help. Let us know if you need anything else.